Month: July 2009

Morning Has Broken

I’ve heard this before from other long-time morning show hosts – once you get away from it you wonder how in the heck you ever did it! 

I uh Don’t uh Like It When uh…

I’m often asked about my pet peeves concerning radio broadcasting.  And I have many!  And I occasionally do one or two of them myself after which I promptly kick my own butt. But my absolute least favourite has to be the use of “uh” to buy time, fill space, or whatever. 

Kiva Update

My Kiva loan recipients are all repaying me on time and I’ve now received nearly 50% of my 4 $25 dollar loans back! 

Wasting Away

The Federal government killed a tree to send us a notice about the You Want Fries With That tax account this week.

And My BS Detector Goes Haywire…

A 26 year old reporter for Star Magazine was forced to resign last week because she had an affair with “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star Jon Gosselin.  He is perhaps the friendliest unemployed, newly separated father of 8 the world has ever known. 

Rocking The Park

Rock The Park 6 is over.  Every year, 1039 FM (previously known as The Hawk) presents some of the biggest acts in the classic rock-ish genre at Harris Park in London, in support of Bethany’s Hope Foundation. 

Drunk Yoga

Today I direct you to my 1039FM blog for some silly fun!  Peoples’ creativity never fails to amaze me.  Who would have thought of putting drunks and yoga masters together??  Enjoy!

The Migraine That Wasn’t

So much for my empathy with those who suffer regularly with migraines.  Oh I have empathy, for sure, but I apparently don’t really know what a migraine sufferer goes through after all.

These are the People in your Neighbourhood

In Hamilton, it was the couple whose lawn was blanketed with every kitchy, tacky piece of plastic and ceramic ever sold as an ornament.  It all lit up at night as if it was Christmas at the Dollar Store. 

Flopping Around

I’m sure there are days when I could make the “don’t” page of Glamour magazine with my fashion choices.  I’m sure the What Not To Wear people could have a field day with me sometimes.  In other words, I throw stones knowing full well that I’m imperfect.  But there’s a fashion trend I’m seeing in workplaces …

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Judging Book Covers

Today I get a two-fer – two blogs for one, as I direct you to my 1039fm blog for today’s thoughts!

Whither the Weather

There’s been a lot of grumbling about how we haven’t “had a summer” yet here in southwestern Ontario. 

Clearing out the Clutter

As you may have read here previously. we have put the You Want Fries With That trailer up for sale.  But that’s not all that’s being cleared out of our lives! 

Review: The Hangover

When a movie is this well-reviewed and so popular there comes a time when you can no longer ignore it.  That time came for us last Sunday evening. 

Taking Care of Me

So I’ve had a migraine on and off since Monday.  At times I have felt like crap on a stick.  And on Tuesday night when it came back I just wanted to curl up in the fetal position and moan.  So I went to bed early and did just that.