Month: November 2010

My New Favourite Band

Sons of Sylvia is composed of three brothers who have backed up Carrie Underwood for years.  As The Clark Brothers, Adam, Ashley and Austin won a reality show contest called The Next Great American Band and they’ve broken off on their own now after the name change.  They continue to perform with Carrie, too. 

The Buxbaum Legacy

Back in 1984 when Komoka resident Hanna Buxbaum was dragged from her car on the 402 and shot to death, it horrified the entire region.  I was working at London radio station CKSL at the time and can recall the shock and  horror at such a terrible crime against one of the city’s pillar families. 

Tis the Season – or is it?

The other day we discussed the topic of when the holiday season starts.  I believe someone I live with may have been telling a particularly holly and jolly TV commercial to go and have an impossible experience with itself to which I replied, once we’ve had the parade, the season is on. 

Hey Toronto – Cut It Out!

Toronto has this annoying habit of thinking it’s the centre of the universe, or at the very least, the only market that matters in Canada. 

Comfy Shoe, Please Come Home

Our trip to Lachine is complete, our family mission accomplished with good results.  We went, we ate and we laughed – a lot.  But something a little strange happened.  I lost a shoe. 

A Little Road Trip

I’m going to be out of the routine for a while; out of the province until Sunday and then on different shifts at work. 

Where There’s a Will

I am anti-Will Kit.  Sure, it seems like a good idea to avoid an expensive  lawyer and write the thing yourself until you hear the horror stories of people who didn’t know the proper lingo and left their heirs to battle the government – or each other – over their estates. 

Unbelievable Greed

How much is enough? There’s no such thing, according to some people.  And for today’s randt, those people are named “Jackson”.  

Thank You, Officers

Shots were fired in a neighbourhood not far from ours last week.  Two houses were struck by bullets and a dark sedan was seen leaving the area. 

No More For Me

I thought maybe it was a sick joke but it’s not. I checked it out myself. not only sold a guide for pedophiles, it stood by that offering in the face of rampant criticism.

An Anti-Bullying Rant That (Sadly) Still Holds Up

Rick Mercer has joined an anti-bullying campaign called It Gets Better.  It’s aimed at gay kids who are being – let’s call it what it is – tortured at school because they’re different.   Some celebrities were inspired to start speaking out after the suicides of gay teens who were bullied. 

Trivial Matters

It was bound to happen eventually.  After years of absorbing trivial details about the lives of the rich, famous and notorious – sometimes against my own conscious will – I’m starting to feel a bit like a burgeoning pop culture brontosaurus.