Month: June 2012

Human, Know Thyself

My only message today is, when it comes to your health, don’t put things off.   I didn’t have a close call (this time) but I was complimented for my hyper-vigilance.  

RIP Nora Ephron

Just last week Nora Ephron’s memoir I Feel Bad About My Neck caught my eye as I passed by one of our bookshelves.  I thought, I really need to read that again because I loved that book.  

Retail Therapy

Our riding lawn mower recently went kaput.   It was an older model, given to us by a family friend, and had seen many better days.  It owed us nothing and that’s exactly what it ultimately decided to give in return!

Saying Goodbye

It’s one of those things; you have to have lost someone very dear to you to understand the depth of the sorrow.  There’s no one in your life like your Mom.  No one who loves to hear your little life stories, to know your triumphs and frustrations and to cheer you on relentlessly, even when …

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We are away again this weekend to a performance so exclusive, they don’t even sell tickets.  You have to know someone in the band.

Master Plan #3,468

London has had its share of growing pains.  While farmland on its outskirts is gobbled up by builders slapping up the slums of the future, downtown has suffered from malls drawing Londoners out of the core with their huge parking lots.  It has happened in many cities this size.  Give London some credit for working …

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Damage Control

This week a London real estate agent was charged after an RCMP investigation. It’s alleged that she deliberately sold certain homes to certain people so they could set up marijuana grow-ops.  

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

When our ancestors decided to settle in Canada they left a legacy for the rest of us to complain about the weather.  And here we go with some very whine-worthy conditions!  

Outsourcing Brains

Gobsmacked.  Shocked and stunned.  Perplexed.  I am all of those things over a London city council committee vote yesterday that approved hiring a Toronto firm to build the new city of London website.  

Gitcher Motor Runnin’

NASCAR.  Live and in person.  Michigan International Speedway. We have pit passes and our favourite drivers, #99 Carl Edwards (mine) and #48 Jimmie Johnson (Derek’s) will be there and are at risk of being stalked in a friendly way!  

This is the Complaints Department. Please Hold.

You don’t have to be a Facebook user to appreciate this.  Somehow, I was selected as one of the users who would test a new Scrabble board on Facebook.  I didn’t ask for it. I didn’t even want it to change.  But there it is, in all of its annoying glory.  

RIP Uncle Howard

Our trip to Europe a few years ago was important for many reasons but not the least of which was spending time with Derek’s family there.  Uncle Howard is the patriarch and a beloved one at that. He died yesterday in his 80’s.  He had just lost his sister, my mother-in-law Audrey, in April.  Family …

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Web Woes Waning

I’ve been spending an awful lot of time on this website lately, moving the oldest posts to the new overflow site ( and getting rid of photos that are no longer relevant or necessary.