Guys: Nothing to See Here Today

This is one for the ladies -even more than the recent one about shoes.   

A feminine protection maker is looking for stories from women about the ridiculous things we were all told when we first got our periods. (Last chance to get out guys, it only gets worse from here!)

Playtex wants you to send them your silly bits of advice or false information.  We all heard them.  Don’t swim because you’ll attract sharks.  Lay across two chairs to diminish cramps.  Don’t perm your hair because it won’t curl.  The stupidest one that went far and wide and was recanted a couple of decades later.  An American OB/GYN told Cosmo that women only lose a tablespoon of liquid! That myth spread across North America and held for years before he admitted he was wrong.

It’s worth sharing your bit of info because they’re giving away a $1000 VISA card and every submission gets a ballot on the draw.   Contestants can tweet their wive’s tale or advice to @PlaytexGG using #PlayOn daily – winner will be selected after 5 p.m. on Thursday, November 22nd. Turning adolescent trauma into a shopping spree. Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Guys: Nothing to See Here Today”

  1. The Husband

    ahhhhhh! I didn’t get out in time! I thought it was a laundry commercial! ahhhhhhhhh!

  2. You’ll attract bears when camping. Men will be terrified of you for a few days every month. Your loved ones will avoid you during your period. Strangers can tell when you are having your period because of your `crazy eyes’. ………..Oh sorry! Just re-read your blog. I listed out facts and you’re looking for myths. Whoops! Can’t help you there!

  3. Linda Reid

    You can attract male animals if you are having your period. It is theorized that the woman that was jogging a few years back and attacked by a mountain lion was having her period.They can smell if for miles. How pleasant!

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