RIP Old Palm

We say farewell to the potted artificial palm that served our family well for decades.  

plastic palm with few leaves left on it at the edge of the road

He was in his thirty-something year. He lived most of his life quietly in a home in the country where he enjoyed regular dustings by my Mom. In recent years he was treated quite cruelly. I had him positioned in a very hot sunroom where over time, he lost most of his leaves. They got so hot they simply broke off until he looked as sickly as any live plant in his condition. He is survived by several ferns, a few flowers and a ficus. There will be no visitation after garbage pickup in the morning.

4 thoughts on “RIP Old Palm”

  1. I guess inquiries about interment would just be cruel. At least you can say he never really grew on you, but still, you were clearly frond of him. So sorry for your moss.

  2. So you don’t have a green thumb for live or plastic plants!? o.O

    1. So true Stace! Although I have a nice tropical plant that I was killing (unintentionally) and I consulted my sister-in-law Kelly who diagnosed it as “root bound”. I replanted it and it’s growing all sorts of leaves and looking beautiful and healthy. Maybe things are turning around despite the palm’s demise!

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