Month: November 2013

We Remember Movember

The Swollen Glands, the Movember team that my Free-FM cohosts are part of, raised more than $4200 for men’s health this month.  And today, Blair and Derek are waking up without scratchy, uncomfortable lip caterpillars.  

Paintbrush Projects

I get these little ideas in my little head and they become mild obsessions until I bring them to fruition.  

Veteran Memories

Last week I went to the annual Veteran’s Art Sale at Parkwood Hospital here in London. Many people call it the ‘veteran’s hospital’.  I attended the sale last year, too, and I think it will be my own little tradition. 

Winter’s Presence

Yeah it’s winter. Yeah we get snow. But a foot and a half in a day?? That’s what my city got over the weekend. 

Ultimate Wingmen and Women

One day we were talking about things we’d like to do as a radio morning show team and Blair said, “How about a Big Show wing eating contest?” And thus, the Ultimate Wingman competition was born. 

Pinball Wizard

This fall we came into possession of a pinball machine. Back in the day, I loved pinball. Then I loved video arcade games. I never got into home video games but I guess I outgrew the genre. However, you reach a point where everything old is new again.  

Family Matters

Some people say it’s insane to spend hundreds of dollars on an operation for a cat when you can replace him with another one so much cheaper.  None of those people live in this house. 

The Pledge to End Bullying

Next week is Bullying Awareness Week and to prepare, all of the radio morning shows in the city took the Pledge Against Bullying a couple of weeks ago.  The promos are now running on CTV here. 

Brandt’s Randt – Snow, It’s An Annual Thing!

Every year, the first snowfall causes mayhem on the roads.  I still don’t understand how drivers can be so clueless about something we know is going to occur!  For goodness sake, Environment Canada gives us two days’ notice before a single flake hits the highway.  And so I randt.  

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