My First Poor Decision of 2014

After the delightful story I reviewed yesterday I ignored my own best judgment and downloaded a book I hoped beyond reason would be funny. Alas, it was not!  

Ron Burgundy, the fictional television news anchor played by Will Ferrell, has an autobiography out called Let Me Off at the Top. The character of Ron Burgundy is an acquired taste. The first movie, Anchorman, really only caught on after repeat viewings and broadcasters latched onto the catch phrases as well as Ron’s biggest blunders.  Ron’s obsession with his hair and the superficial nature of the news business in the 1970s spoke to us in the news game!  Ferrell launched an unprecedented campaign to promote the new movie, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and it’s been getting mixed reviews. But the book. Oh, ugh, the book.

It’s just not funny.  Occasionally I thought I could hear Ron via Ferrell’s voice saying a line, leading me to briefly consider that an audiobook might be a more entertaining way to consume it. But it feels stretched out and desperate. It’s ridiculous and far-fetched – to be expected – but not amusing. An entire chapter is devoted to Ron’s attempt at writing the history of Mexico. Seriously? Yeah, seriously.  It’s not worth the money or the time and I feel taken for giving up some of both. Please, learn from my mistake!

3 thoughts on “My First Poor Decision of 2014”

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  2. I saw this one in the book store while Christmas shopping and was very tempted to buy it, but resisted. I’m glad I did! Thanks for letting me know I made the right decision, but I’m sorry you found out the hard way.

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