Month: December 2014

Taking Stock and Moving On

The end of year assessment is so predictable, isn’t it? But what better time is there to take stock of where you’ve been, where you are and where you want to go? I don’t make resolutions like I used to but I still like to take a hard look at where things stand.  

Las Vegas City Sights

Day trips to landmarks famous and not so famous made our Christmas trip to Vegas a memorable one. Having visited virtually every hotel on The Strip on previous visits, we compiled a list of things we wanted to do and see in the city itself. The Strip is not the city! If you live in …

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Leaving Las Vegas

There were Elvi – the plural of Elvis. There were gamblers and drunks and hookers and sugar daddies and Lamborghinis and whoo-hooo girls and guys out on a tear. That’s Las Vegas for you, but it’s not the Vegas we went to see over Christmas. 

Holiday Therapy

Sometimes the best therapy is a change of scene!  I’ll return to this space after Boxing Day. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday!

Sometimes We Make a Difference

Most of the time what we do on the radio is gone moments later. It’s entertainment and sometimes we provoke thought or create action but most of the time, it’s gone with the wind and it’s on to the next thing. 

Nothing Is Really Safe

When some movie and TV stars pleaded with people to not look at photos hacked from their personal email I thought, you doth protest too much. What are you, a famous person, doing uploading naked pictures to the cloud? The cloud is for storing and for sharing. The cloud is not safe. It’s as thin …

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Five Pet Peeves of the Festive Season

#5: Lyrics to that stupid song, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”. What makes it stupid is the lyric that goes, “and presents on the tree.”  That’s just lazy songwriting! People don’t put presents ON a tree! Presents go underneath the tree. 

Rolling Stone’s Mea Culpa

A story in the most recent issue of Rolling Stone (Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl is on the cover) painted a horrible picture of rape culture at the University of Virginia, and other US colleges and universities. 

Mondays. Bah! Humbug!

I don’t like to be one of those people who doesn’t like Mondays. But I am and I have to admit it. For me, it’s got to do with the switchover from sort-of normal person on the weekend to early-morning-starting, midday-napping, early-retiring person during the week. 

House Proud: Parlez-Vous Parlour? for Sun Media

If you’re lucky, you get to see trends come around a second and possibly even a third time. When platform shoes came back into vogue in the late 1990s, how I wished I’d kept the ones I wore to my Grade 8 grad. 

My Left Foot Part Deux

So I told you a couple of weeks ago about my fall and showed you photos of the festive colours of my foot. But there’s more! After aching and staying swollen, one day, it took a turn. The ache turned into a stab and I knew something was wrong.