Month: August 2015

The Tooth of the Matter

My stupid tooth came out of my stupid head on Saturday night. It had been feeling loose and temperamental for a few days so I wasn’t surprised but I wasn’t exactly delighted, either. 

Virginia Ambush

All day, I felt sick to my stomach over the live, on-air murders of a 24-year-old reporter and a 27-year-old cameraman at a shopping mall in Virginia. A disgruntled former colleague killed them, because he felt they had cost him his job, and other reasons. 

Let’s Talk About Heroes

Too often, we learn the names of the deranged lunatics who murder innocent people. I won’t accept criticism of the media for that; it’s logical because they are one person and everyone wants to know what makes them tick. But this time, we can shout the names of three heroes, and let the lunatic rot, …

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Candy Crushed

If you’ve never played the online game Candy Crush, you might only know it from the requests to play that clutter up social media. That, by the way, is a problem with your privacy settings on Facebook. If you’re getting anything you don’t want on your page, it’s your fault. You can prevent it. But …

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Stop Making Sense

Last week, a payroll person at the Montreal head office of my new employer emailed me to let me know that my first pay had bounced back when they attempted a direct deposit. It was a little unsettling because I would like anyone to be able to deposit into my account any time they wish. …

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After last week’s Republican presidential nominees debate, the top 10 of them anyway, will Americans finally see through the muskrat-topped blowhard, Donald Trump? 

A Tale of Two Rock Bands

During my recent downtime, I watched a bunch of documentaries. They covered a wide range of subjects, from the important role casting directors play in movies (unless you believe director Taylor Hackford, who thinks they’re overrated) to several about the histories of legendary rock bands.  

Deck Before and After

Every year, we talk about building a new deck. Every year we decide it’s too expensive or not a priority and we put it off. This year we decided to heck with it and got it done, bigger and better than we ever imagined, because of a lot of good luck.