Best Worst Date Ever

A guy in the US placed a Craigslist ad before US Thanksgiving and offered his services as a date to family dinner. The twist? In exchange for the free meal, he would intentionally ruin the day. 

A clip of the ad explaining that he's a 28 year old felon who didn't get "a high school degree", drives an old van, and would like to be someone's platonic date to Thanksgiving and pretend to be a terrible long-term boyfriend.





Just the fact that he says he has “no high school degree” is awfully endearing.

He offers several options. He can start an uncomfortable conversation about religion or politics. He can openly hit on a female relative or propose to you or pretend to get really drunk (he doesn’t drink) or start an actual, physical fight with someone.

I think this is a scream.

If Thanksgiving is the day that Aunt Myrtle gets on your case about getting married, this is the guy you want her to meet. Then perhaps she’ll back off! We don’t know if anyone took him up on the gag but it’s potentially hilarious or disastrous. I admire his courage. Perhaps he’ll be available to ruin Christmas, too.


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