That’s a lot of Class

It’s not just Donald Trump. It’s all of it. children in a school yard. But the worst part of it is the disrespect. 

Every time I see Donald Trump yelling “get him out of here” because he’s being heckled, I’m reminded that he wants to be a dictator, not a democratically-elected President.

This video is from a couple of years ago, but it shows the class, the patience and the willingness to simply be real, of Barack Obama. His heckler is upset, he’s rude and he’s misinformed. But Barack treats him with dignity, educates him and tames him. It’s a beautiful, respectful thing.

1 thought on “That’s a lot of Class”

  1. There isn’t enough room for the respect and admiration I have for this man. Everything he’s had to put up with – and never losing his temper lest he feed the hordes looking for the “angry black man” to pillory. And yes, Mrs. Clinton is going to face her own awful scrutiny as President if it comes to pass: a woman just can’t handle the job, is too emotional, shrill, old, etc.. It’s all so puerile – and Donald Trump and his ilk are leading the way. What awful depths to which society has sunk. And what’s worse: I don’t think there’s any hope of recovery/return. Those riots he predicts/suggests are coming – God HELP America. Maybe, as Bill Maher says, it IS the lead in the water. Isn’t that what we’ve learned may have led to Rome’s downfall?

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