Easier Face-Warshing

I’ve probably tried all of the face-cleaning products at one time or another. And I’m a strange duck about it. I dislike getting my hairline wet because I have a little cowlick that bunches a clump of my hair up in to a crazy-straw when it get gets wet or steamed. I’ve used those pre-moistened towelettes but I can’t believe they’re doing a proper job. I may have found my solution: a thin washcloth called the epiCLEANSE. 

It simply looks like a regular, white washcloth but you don’t need to use any products on it. Soak it in warm water and go to town. When one side gets full of makeup, turn it over, and go back to town again. It rinses clean with a little soap and water and is supposed to last for about three months. It makes the skin feel amazing. Not tight or dry. This isn’t a paid endorsement! I’m just super impressed by this cloth, from Maxine Warsh.

It feels like it’s gently grabbing your skin, like dragging something rubber across a smooth surface. Here’s what the company says: “The epiCLEANSE cloth has been created from advanced micro-fibres that are much smaller than a human hair. When they are immersed in water, they create a unique hydro process that releases the surface bond which adheres makeup to the skin, creating an emulsion, which is easily wiped away by the epiCLEANSE cloth…”

They’re sold online for $30/3-pack. Math isn’t my strongest subject but $10 for 3 months is less than I’m paying now for products that usually give me a “meh” feeling or like I have to rinse for half an hour to feel clean. Maxine is a real person with a real store on Sheppard Ave. E. in Toronto, where she has a line of skin products and a philosophy that starts with using only water to clean the skin. Consider me on board.

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