Month: May 2017

Studying the Studies

Not all scientific studies are created equal. Having been a radio broadcaster for a long time, I also know how they can get distilled down to a couple of sentences of highlights, potentially making a worldwide study of thousands of people sound as credible as a small study of twenty. It rests on the public …

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Meet the New Ride

It’s a lot like the old ride! After discovering that my beloved red Kia Soul was a write-off after the suckiest of suck weeks of 2017, the world of vehicular transportation was open to me once again. What did I want to drive? I made it easy: another Kia Soul. 

Dad in my Heart

My chiropractor is simply wonderful. She’s thoughtful and smart. She’s the woman who fixed my neck within seconds of our first meeting, after I endured two years of migraines and trying out all sorts of experts who couldn’t do it. I will always be grateful. Like me, she lost her Dad recently, so she knows …

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No More Queasy Rides

Have you ever looked at a simple little gizmo and thought, that can’t possibly work? That’s how I felt about my motion sickness wristbands until a pal told me they kept her stomach from trying to leave her body when she flew. Now I don’t go anywhere without them.  

Glorious Victoria

Where to begin? At the beginning, I suppose. At my wonderful friends’ new home in Victoria, BC, with a panoramic view of the harbour and mountains, in the corner of our country that doesn’t experience weather extremes.

Simple Sleep

I used to own sleeplessness as a part of my personal profile. Because I get up so early, retire so early and nap in between, I felt my complicated relationship with sleep was special. We’re on-again, off-again. Sometimes sleep turns into a total bitch and won’t even text me back. Sleep crank-calls me in the middle …

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Motivation in Context

I love motivational quotes. When someone captures the essence of a feeling or a moment in a short phrase or sentence, it’s not only energizing, it’s made for Twitter’s 140-character limit. I believe I even coined one myself one day but I didn’t write it down. I remember the feeling, though, of nailing it, whatever it …

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