Month: August 2017

Twenty Years On

The first time in my lifetime that I remember the world feeling united was after the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in 1997. I was working at CHML in Hamilton but put 680 News on through the house, because they were live with continuous coverage. After the paparazzi chased their hired car into …

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The Vocal Minority

Does everyone get the Sunday Night Blues? Generally, I just get on with it, but sometimes I feel a bit of dread about Monday. I enjoy my job, really I do, but the longer I do it, the more concern I have about peoples’ states of mind.

Sign of the Times

Hate isn’t the opposite of love, fear is. I truly believe that the root of hatred, whether it’s white supremacy or any of those other disgusting world views, is fear. Ignorance. Insecurity. They might be buried deeply but they’re down there. 

Carreying on with Art

Art, at its essence, can be difficult to describe. What moves one person might leave another feeling meh. And trying to explain what it feels like to create art is a challenge. I’ve likened it to feeling like I’m flying. But I’m not a prolific artist. It turns out that Jim Carrey is. 

Holiday Hiatus

I’ve taken a page from my CJBK co-host Ken’s workbook and scheduled myself off for a week, but spread it over two weeks. Not only do I get a good break but I get two two-day work weeks on either side. Yes, he’s a bit of a genius.

“Never work with animals or children.” WC Fields

On Thursdays, we have a segment on the show called Ask Me Anything. Someone with a fascinating hobby or profession comes in and answers anything we and our listeners want to know about what they do. We’ve had a funeral director, a gun fanatic, a veterinarian, a former police chief and other interesting people. This …

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Trump Card

The Trump presidency is making me angry but also confused. I feel the need to figure out how so many smart, accomplished people refuse to acknowledge that he is a buffoon who isn’t keeping any of his promises to “make America great again”. His administration is boiling in a soup of mistrust, firings, public back-stabbings …

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Kissing A Fool

Mistakes happen in voice-over like they happen anywhere else. Sometimes the lips don’t follow through with their task, and you need to redo a line. Or two. Or seven. That’s why most voice-overs are pre-recorded and not done live.