Lucky Nacho

If you cry easily or can’t stand a tragic story, even when it has a happy ending, this is your opportunity to bail. Go ahead. The rest of us will wait. Head over to Cute Things Falling Asleep or watch a cat video.

If you’re still here, this is the story of a lucky dog named Matilda. She didn’t start out lucky, though. In fact, for the first few months of her life she was brutally abused and horribly neglected.  She was found in Mexico, her furless body soaked with motor oil, criss-crossed with long wounds from beatings with chains or sticks, and tied to a car. She had never been indoors or properly fed. As you’ll see in the before photo, it’s pretty incredible that she was even alive. And look at her now. She has scars but she’s a beauty.

SPCA ad for Matilda tells her story and shows her timid little oil-soaked body as well as an update photo of a healthy, happy dog (she's a mutt)

Some wonderful people rescued Matilda and she spent months in an animal hospital in Mexico growing back fur, learning some basic house-pet skills and getting strong. She was then brought to St. Catharines to get adopted. When my brother found out about her he had to meet this tough little fighter. Although he knew he was going on a bike trip to Alaska, he adopted her and while he was away, she stayed in doggie paradise with the couple who brought her to Canada. Although her name means “strength in battle”, he couldn’t see himself yelling Matilda across a dog park so he renamed her Nacho.

Nacho is a project. Although she now trusts Kevin, there have been challenges with potty training and getting her to eat. She had to learn to accept love because it was something she had never known. She didn’t even know how to play. She’s a little on the timid side but slowly coming out of her shell. She’s really sweet and absolutely loves her bed. Can you imagine how it must feel to have a comfortable space all your own, when all you knew was the rocky dirt beneath a car? Kevin says he sometimes has to coax her out of her bed, she is just so content to have it.

Matilda looking like the Queen of the Universe curled up in her fluffy, white bed

Kevin is doing everything right with this wonderful dog. They’re going to training. He accepts her as she is and gently guides her into learning the things she needs to know to become part of his wolf pack.  He’s patient with her and treats her well. And this is why I say she’s lucky.

Thousands of rescued animals are waiting for loving homes. If you’re thinking about adding to your household, I’ll never give you grief for going to a legitimate breeder, but I’ll probably say something about buying from a puppy mill or pet store. Kijiji is no place to find a furbaby. Please consider a rescue.

2 thoughts on “Lucky Nacho”

  1. Although a rescue dog doesn’t meet my unique needs for a dog, my niece makes up for it. She has a cat with a balance issue and wobbles when she walks and a horse she rescued which was on its way to slaughter and she’s been learning to ride. My niece also has a dog which is the brother to one of her mums dogs not to mention two kids. Think her husband had to put an animal limit on her collection.

    1. Wow, that’s great. Now granted, rescues aren’t always workable. You may recall my post about Sammy the Beagle/Bassett who didn’t work out and the SPCA had deemed her unfit for adoption. That’s how I learned the difference between an organization that has vets and other experts to determine a dog’s fitness versus very well meaning amateurs who don’t have the skills – just the heart. That decision brought me two years of heartache.

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