Cold Nose, Warm Brain

Your nose temperature might provide insight into how hard your brain is working.

Scientists say a cold nose is an indication of thinking too hard. They came up with this theory after putting test subjects through mental tasks and then taking their nasal temperatures. Those who felt overwhelmed had colder noses. The body diverts more blood to the brain to help with the work, taking it away from elsewhere. It starts with extremities that require more effort to pump blood to, including the nose.

How is this useful? It might lead to on-the-job testing that can tell if a worker is being taxed to the max and then offer them help. More likely, it would just replace them with a robot.

close up of a dog resting on a couch and its nose front and centre
Photo by Jason White via Flickr

So what about dogs and their wet, cold noses? We’ve always been told that it means they’re healthy. Dogs are wonderful, but I don’t think they’re overworking their brains very often. Come to think of it, my cats’ noses are always awfully warm. Has anyone checked the nasal temperature of happy retirees? My hypothesis is that they’re warm as toast.



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  1. The title of your article immediately made me think of a dogs cold nose. Now, in my case, my dogs were all guide dogs, so they had to do some serious thinking and paying of attention which could explain their cold nose. can’t speak for other dogs. tip, check the nose and motion of the tail for an accurate assessment.

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