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They say necessity is the mother of invention. It’s also the inspiration for buckling down and learning things you never thought you’d need to know. 

I’m happy enough with my website but there were some things about it that bugged me. For example, two buttons on the front served the same function. Both Services and Samples went to the same page and it was overly wordy and detailed. I didn’t like the fading purplish hue of the homepage. The Twitter widget link was out of date as were, it turns out, the contact phone numbers. I consulted a couple of web experts who suggested brand new websites. One told me that changing a single page wasn’t possible. So I set out to make these little fixes on my own.

The back end of a site looks like a lot of gibberish when you don’t know anything about coding. I’ve had WordPress sites before and know my way around them okay, but this one’s different. My first task was to get rid of all of the details and old voice-over demos on the samples/services page. Prospective clients shouldn’t have to read War and Peace just to hear how I sound. Now they don’t have to: New Voice Demos Page.

I changed some wording, updated a photo or two, killed the old flashy About Me page and replaced it with a brief bio. There’s a little line of code at the bottom of that page that I can’t find anywhere! It’s rogue code. For a professional designer it would probably be mortifying but for me, well, it’s the least of my worries.

There might be more little tweaks as I figure them out. I found a WordPress guy online who pointed me toward a section containing some things I couldn’t find. And he refused to charge me, which ensures that when I need to hire someone, I’ll got back to him.

If you find any bugs or something that could make navigation easier, please let me know. I’ll either hire someone to iron it out or I’ll sit here longer with a furrowed brow until I figure it out and fix it myself.

4 thoughts on “Out of Site”

  1. Do you really want to open the door and let me in to explore and find potential problems? If it ain’t broke, I’m going to find it anyway. Have noticed some tweaks over the last little while.

  2. The code [/vc_column][/vc_row] would indicate that you’re either missing the corresponding opening statement [vc_column][vc_row] for the slash is the closing arguments. So they’ve either been removed or your missing a delimitor. Need help, you know where I am.

  3. VC_row definitely indicates something involving a table structure. I’m not exactly sure what VC stands for, but my guess Virtual Control since I don’t actually see any structured tables being used. Without seeing the underlying code, I can’t be more specific.

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