Month: April 2018

Bot and Sold

I suppose I should feel flattered. Scores of Twitter bots, those automated, pre-programmed fake accounts, started following me last week. I didn’t even realize it was part of a trend until London’s Medical Officer of Health tweeted about it. Then CTV London did a story about it, explaining that ‘prominent’ Londoners were being targeted by …

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Filling the Hole in the Soul

What in the world happened in Toronto yesterday? Ten people are dead after a man ran a van along a sidewalk I walked a million times as a Torontonian. We can dismiss people as evil but that’s too easy. The hard stuff is trying to understand why they did what they’ve done.

Pasta Resistance

I don’t believe in saying “never” to anything on the food chain. If someone tells me they will never eat bread again, but they absolutely love bread, I’ll hold my tongue but I want to tell them they’re crazy. Where is the joy in depriving yourself of something you love? 

Parting Advice

After a life marked by illness – chronic and acute – and several conditions that resulted in frequent hospital trips and stays, our friend’s adult son chose to end his life. He had suffered heart attacks and mini-strokes for a month straight. He stopped dialysis treatments and finished his life on his terms. Bill said …

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smaller version of tube end photo

Poly Wants a Freebie

The question I asked myself was, where can I buy a can of turkey gravy and a container of PolyFilla? I’m very tired and must get home to nap so this magical place must not be out of my way. Only one store came to mind: Walmart. 

Best of the West

When Erin and Rob come to visit, there’s food, fun and lots of laughter. Their arrival coincided with Rob’s birthday so we made sure our wait staff at the Mandarin were aware of that fact.