Spring Fling

So, this is what our basement floor looks like! I haven’t seen this much of it since it was installed!
black and white garage-floor style tilesAnd this is what remains of a mountain of paper I removed from several storage tubs.

computer-sized cardboard box piled high with paper

It’s old tax papers and motorcycle show lists and all sorts of stuff that has to be destroyed. We tried burning some of it in the fireplace but that’s a tedious job. Every piece has to be crumpled first. So I’ve set aside the next five years to shred it all.

We are taking spring cleaning to a whole new level and clearing out stuff we don’t need or use. And it feels great. I’m not a pack-rat but…do I need to finish that sentence? Even so, I’ve hung on to a lot of stuff that’s not necessary. So, we’ve made it our mission to shed anything we no longer have to have. And when it comes right down to what you really need, it’s a short list.

We have become favourite visitors at Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity donation centres. We’re selling stuff on consignment and finding perfect homes for some of the gems we’ve unearthed. A Victory motorcycles banner is making its way to Ohio, for example. We donated twenty boxes of books and DVDs to a church sale. As our load gets lighter, we feel freer. We’ll probably have a garage sale and there’ll be an opportunity to relieve us of some of the wood and other items we thought we’d have a use for by now. It’s spring cleaning to the max! I’m looking forward to seeing more of our floors as it continues.




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  1. You should check to see if there isn’t a company which specialises in shredding documents and load up your stuff and take it to them. We have a company like that in Toronto.

    1. There are lots of them here, actually. I looked them up when we gathered the papers…and then promptly forgot about them. Thanks!

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