Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday. We celebrated last weekend, knowing that this weekend was packed and we couldn’t get away. We delivered the hall tree Derek made for her condo, we had cake and sang, poorly, in our family’s traditional way.  Derek sings with confidence, my brother murmurs and I tend to alter the words into something that makes sense only to me. It’s chaos in every key!

Old door painted white with five crystal doorknobs as coat hangers. A bench at the bottom features railings with newel posts on either side made from an old footboard. The bench top is varnished wood.

The hall tree is made from an old door, vintage doorknobs, a footboard, cupboard doors and other little pieces. The wooden bench seat slides forward to reveal storage underneath.  It gives her a place to hang coats and store hats and gloves.

Mom’s had a lot happen in the last 18 months. The clear-out and sale of her 40+ year home, the death of our Dad and a move to a condo. There’s no guidebook for what to expect, except that it’s never going to go totally smoothly, and it didn’t. Condo living is a world way from having your own 50 acres to roam. But she’s on the other side of the worst of it and getting to know her neighbours.  Life always brings changes and it’s best to roll with them. And eat cake on your birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

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  1. Hope your Mom’s birthday is filled with lots of happy times, memories and lots of cake and ‘bad’ singing! Nothing but the best for our Moms 🎂❤️💐

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