All Hail Alejandro

American Idol – I know. Some people hate it. It’s been fascinating and annoying and – when Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were on it – a waste of airtime. The show deserves the cynicism it attracts, too, with too many so-called Idols having faded into nothingness. Now it’s a little too sweet but I’ll take that over mean any day. And it’s almost over for another season.

Not since Adam Lambert a decade ago has the show seen a talent like it’s got in Alejandro Aranda. But they’re very different artists. Lambert’s killer voice and theatrical stage presence led him to front the band Queen, whose members had given up on ever finding someone who could excite them about music again after the death of Freddie Mercury.

Alejandro isn’t like that. He’s a guitar virtuoso who’s humble but magnetic at the same time. It’s hard to believe that anybody could create something new with a guitar, but he has. And his songs are record-ready. He is in the final three, with the new Idol crowned in a few days. I’m actually pulling for Madison Vandenburg, the 17-year old with the flawless voice and happy demeanor. But I would download an Alejandro album tomorrow. Right from his audition, he had us. Luke Bryan’s reaction says it all.

3 thoughts on “All Hail Alejandro”

  1. I have drifted so far from terrestrial television. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I might never have known.
    I may mention this guy to Mitch for the role of Frankie Presto.

  2. Ellen Warren

    Love his voice!! But, Katie Perry is over the top and Lionel needs to find new words and Luke is just fun to watch! I think we will all be shocked by who wins!!! I hope for Madison, but somehow I think its going to come down to Laine and Alejandro!

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