Going Up The Country

If you’re a fan of classic rock, you read that title in a high-pitched voice, like Alan Wilson, lead singer of Canned Heat.

Did you know that Wilson died at age 27 of a drug overdose? He is rarely mentioned in the so-called “27 Club” that includes Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse.

But I digress.

Last week, we had the opportunity to visit the house we purchased that sits about 15 minutes outside London. It’s an 1870’s cottage on 2/3 of an acre that’s been completely redone, except for the mudroom. It’s all rustic beams, wide-plank floors, and carefully chosen antiques.

Cute cottage with barnwood on the front, a metal roof and bright blue front door, with freshly mowed grass.
The current owners took it down to the studs and redid everything.

It has three bedrooms but you know us, two of them will be office/studio space. Here’s a peek inside in the kitchen. Despite its rustic appearance, there’s a dishwasher in there!

Kitchen. Cabinets are a deep blue. Big beams go across the ceiling. The light fixtures are period-correct and there are huge, wooden open shelves. Appliances are stainless steel.
Our pine table and chairs will be perfect in there!

The sellers are a nice family of four who put love into their renovations over several years. Even though “rustic” is the main theme, they’ve done some unexpected touches, like a glitzy chandelier at the front entrance.

The property is surrounded by cornfields and few neighbours, on a gravel road. There was such a feeding frenzy for it that we didn’t even make an offer despite booking a showing. One man tabled a way-over-price offer without even seeing the place. I mention this because the way we got it was new to me. Our agent heard that the buyers were having problems securing financing. So, we made a back-up offer which we considered a longshot. If the first offer fell through, ours would be finalized immediately – and that’s what happened.

I think we’re still in shock. Isn’t this supposed to be a long, stressful process?! I wonder how the people who bid and lost would feel if they knew we swooped in and snatched it this way? Agents take note!

There’s a long close. We don’t take possession until the end of September. Meantime, we’re slowly packing and waiting at the other end. If the dates don’t line up, I might have to ask if we could camp out in your basement for a few weeks. I’m kidding! I’d never camp, especially in a basement!

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    1. Hi Allan. A mudroom is a place to drop your footwear and coats, leave a backpack and keep your outerwear neat on hooks or in cupboards. It’s the entryway before the entryway to the house. This one is all paneling and rough wood, which is charming, but will eventually lose its charm and get some fresh paint and stuff.

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