Off-the-Hook Lamps

*Note – our lamps are made with top quality parts and the best of care but they are not designed for continuous use. They’re functional pieces of art!

Make a statement with an old-school lamp, or confuse the kids with old technology – either way, this is the best use for an old rotary phone that we’ve seen. (Maybe that’s because we’ve never seen it until we built it!)

The on/off switch is the right side switch-off/plunger. $150 – this one is sold but we will make more to order.

tan wall-phone lamp mounted on wood, with a Maple Leaf sticker in the dial and LONDON 1967 stenciled into the base

Wall phone lamp for the Toronto Maple Leaf lover in your life! (Not official Maple Leaf merchandise, just in case anyone thinks it is. No endorsement implied!) This exact lamp and several others are on display at New Vintage Chic in Lambeth. (2374 Main St., 519-203-2222)