Derek and Spice nose to nose at the vet's office

He Made Our House a Home

It’s part of the deal. Pets don’t live long enough and we know that going in. Adopting a senior cat likely meant even less time and maybe that’s why most people don’t want to do it. You know it in your head but no one tells your heart.

2015 in Review

My last post of the year is usually about accomplishments, goals not yet met and hopes for the days after the calendar flips over. But this year was dominated by an unexpected occurrence in May. The inexplicable loss of our young friend, Lauren Davis Shirakawa, and how her passing has forever changed the lives of our dear …

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Immeasurable Grief

As I write these words, I’m aware I am still in shock. Lauren Davis, the beautiful, talented, quick-witted and so very young daughter of Erin Davis, died unexpectedly overnight Sunday. Just hours before, she had celebrated her first Mother’s Day and on Facebook, her smiling face greeted the world as she showed off her coconut …

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Hallmark Holiday

Call Valentine’s Day what you will but I think anything that spreads a little more love in the world isn’t a bad thing. 

This is What Love Looks Like

Four years ago, US serviceman Jesse Cottle stepped on an IED in Afghanistan and both of his legs were blown off.  During his recovery, he met a beautiful woman named Kelly and they fell in love.  They’re about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.