Cover of Make the Media Want you with a blue starburst on it that has the words New Expanded Edition in white inside it.

Make The Media Want You

Veteran broadcaster Lisa Brandt has booked and interviewed thousands of guests. She knows firsthand that people in the media are deluged with pitches for airtime and print space. Sometimes, what’s offered is of value to them. Other times, it’s not. The media must keep its listeners, viewers and readers in mind while making these decisions.

PR reps, publicists, business owners and artists have to make a business case. But too often, they have no idea how to do it or who they’re pitching to. Or worse, they expect the media personnel to do the work for them.

Make the Media Want You takes the mystery out of the process from the pitch to the interview and everything in between. It includes examples of good and bad interviews, major mistakes to avoid and insider tips on how to approach an overworked, overtired broadcaster or journalist. Hint: Bribes don’t work. But Lisa will share what does.

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