Little Lavatory Laments

I perceive myself as a lady, a delicate flower, a feather-light being who flows through the world like a gentle breeze. So I’m not likely to engage in discussions about crass and vulgar topics. I keep my bathroom habits private. Well, I used to, until recent developments made it impossible. But I assure you, my little rosebuds, that there are no gross landmines ahead in this post.

My Spirit Human

You’ve heard of writer’s block? I had a severe case of the feline equivalent – blogger’s paw – while my people were on their California trek. I did not feel the urge to share my thoughts, and I couldn’t reach the keyboard on my own.

California Dreaming

My Facebook memories are popping up with photos of last year’s visit to Palm Speings. We are with the same wonderful people and dog! This trip began in San Francisco and will end with a coastal drive back to that city. Here is a sample of stuff (and Molly!) we’ve seen so far.

Fortnight Hibernation

It’s Father who breaks the news to me. First, he calls me his Little Sweetie. Although he does it often, it always brings a smile. Then, he marvels over the beauty of my little face. Again, nothing new. He rests his forehead on mine so I can take in a deep breath of his scent – these days it’s a mix of a wood fire, CK cologne, and of course, bacon. And just when I’m purring like a motor and reveling in his attention, he tells me he and Mother are going away for two weeks.