woman on a windowsill of a large room in a highrise, looking out the window

Finding Our Calm

More than a dozen years ago, when I was at 680 News in Toronto, we had several meetings about what the company – Rogers – would do in the case of a pandemic. SARS came, sickened thousands and killed nearly 800 before it was stopped. Our plans to work from home, and perhaps put 680’s Vancouver counterpart on air, were never put to use.

bare arm held by a gloved hand, ready for injection

The Big Deal

Misinformation about COVID-19 is traveling at the speed of light. Reactions range from hysteria (TP hoarding) to stupidity (See Donald Trump/Mike Pence) to apathy (what’s the big deal?). I find myself getting angry while viewing social media which is not the way I normally react to ignorance.

Extreme close-up of Miss Sugar's face, looking curious.

Four-legged Foodie

Hand-washing seems to be all the rage right now. Let me ask you, my little string grabbers, doesn’t it concern you that people seem to suddenly be aware of the practice? Your fave feline blogger has always insisted on frequent hand-washing before and after her requisite belly-rubs. One can never be too careful. Now, onto today’s topic: food.

Miss Sugar Gets Around

Father has been ill with a virus – not the one that’s been grabbing international headlines and causing worry. No, my extra-special human contracted a boring old strep throat virus. Sadly for me, he bounced back quickly. I don’t wish illness on him but the math is simple: Ailing Father + rest time = more opportunities to pet me. I really don’t see where the problem is.

How to Own a Human

A special bond sometimes forms between higher and lower life forms. By higher, I mean, of course, we cats. And lower obviously refers to animals of the two-legged variety. Perhaps my fellow felines could glean some wisdom from the way I communicate with and – yes – possess my favourite human bean.