Father’s Day Repost: Throwback Thursday – Dad ‘n Play

This is a blog post that I originally published in March 2019, nearly two years after the death of my Dad. Even if your parents have passed on, they are still with you. The memories, the feelings, the love never really fade. And if you’re like me, you think of them every day.

I hope you’ll be celebrating the wonderful Dads in your life on Sunday. I’ll be remembering mine.

Dick Joseph in the CKSL 1410 control room as seen through the guest booth.

Guest Post: Dick Joseph – My First Adventure in the World of Radio

Anyone who listened to London radio in the 80s knew Dick Joseph. Dicker Q and the Afternoon Zoo was a hugely popular show on CKSL 1410 from ’82-’87. Dick hosted the on air and live versions of Desperate and Dateless. To me, the overnight host, he was a mentor and colleague. Recently, I wrote about some radio memories that prompted Dick to send me the story of his first job in radio. Without further ado, I give you his story in his words.