Tyler Perry in a tux posing in front of a Time Magazine red backdrop

Sounding an $800-Million Alarm on AI

Movie mogul Tyler Perry halted an $800-million expansion to his Atlanta movie studio lands last week. The former army base is already one of the biggest film studios in America. Plans called for a dozen new soundstages and more to be built on the 330-acre lot. But after testing a new text-to-video AI program, Perry pulled the plug.

Me and Erin Davis at the top of the Palm Springs tramway, close to 10,000 feet above sea level.

We Plan, Airlines Say “Ha!”

It’s tempting to just let go of my recent travel blips. They’re long over and I had a wonderful time with Erin Davis in Palm Springs & Palm Desert. Plenty of people have all sorts of frustrations with air travel that are much worse. But I will pursue refunds and there are a couple of parts of the adventure that still puzzle me.

An ornament featuring a cat wearing a Santa hat.

Merry Christmas to All – My Christmas Poem

I published my take on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in 2012. As we head into a short holiday break, I decided to rerun it because a) I still believe in the message (LOL) and b) when I was a kid, I wrote poetry all the time. Family and friends got poems in their Christmas and Birthday cards. I think I could have been Weird Alina if I’d put my mind to it. Anyway, please enjoy and we shall reconvene here in 2024!