Miss Sugar looking at the camera from the end of a bed with a comforter that has a leaf pattern on it

Miss Sugar Writes: Sensational, Selfless Teen

Oh, my pretties, my little heart is so full of joy! Not only because a fresh holiday wreath has been affixed to the front door where its pine needles will surely drop and be tracked into the house. Then I can complete my annual ritual of chewing them up and then throwing them up. It’s our own little holiday tradition! But the real reason is because of today’s story that I can’t wait to tell you. It’s about a young girl I’d love to meet and leave clumps of my shedding coat upon. She is my new heroine, And she’s not even a cat!

Photo from show marketing with the character who plays young Colin blown up large behind the real Colin

Review: Colin in Black and White

Even people who don’t follow football heard about Colin Kaepernick the first time he took a knee during the American anthem at an NFL game in 2016. I believe he will go down in history alongside Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as one of the courageous few who changed the conversation around racism. I think he’s a frigging hero off the field. Unfortunately, that’s where he’s been: off the football field. Taking a stand for what’s right came at a high price. But now he’s on Netflix and his show is fascinating, difficult, beautifully crafted, and important.

Authentic CommuniCATion

Hello my little tummy ticklers! Thank you for visiting. I don’t want to bum you out (or as we cats put it, butt you out) but today’s post will take a more serious, personal tone. Don’t worry, though. All is well, I merely want to share an authentic slice of life with you.

Bottled Up

My Mother was always searching for the right skincare solution. Years of smoking, and in her younger days, baking in the sunshine, took their toll on her face. After she quit smoking her skin visibly improved. But she always hoped there was something out there that would restore her dewy, youthful glow.

Miss Sugar's face and paws as she continues a deep sleep

Miss Sugar Writes: Allergen-free? No, Not Me!

Greetings my little coat shedders! Thank you for returning to my cozy corner of the blogosphere. I’m happily curled up on what Mother calls the “cat barrier” to the guest bed. The silly woman doesn’t realize that this fleece throw is one of my favourite things! What’s meant to keep the bed free from my dander is making me as happy as can be!

black and white doodle of an angry man looking into a computer monitor

The Pain/Pleasure Principle

People often ask me why I’m no longer on the radio and whether I miss it. Radio and I had a long love affair. I loved it and it mostly loved me back. After a long career for which I’m eternally grateful, I grew frustrated with corporate owners who didn’t care about radio. When these giant companies swallowed up smaller players, the CRTC forced them to take radio stations even though all they wanted was TV. TV – specifically flagship TV stations in Toronto – is the favourite child. Radio is an afterthought. No, I don’t miss it. I miss the people, not the culture or the work.

night timei picture of a coyote snipped from the video embedded in the story

Miss Sugar Writes: Cat Beautiful, Coyote Ugly

Hello my little whisker twitchers! I trust you had a safe and spooky Halloween and you’re working your way through the leftover candy you stashed before the kiddies arrived! That’s how it plays out around here, anyway. Father insisted that peanut butter cups must be part of our offerings. Come Halloween, like magic, there were no cups to be found!

grocery cashier and customers at the till

Chatty Checkouts

As a Stoic, it’s my goal to accept things as they come. That means not wishing away a flat fire or tummy ache or worse. Acknowledge the moment, deal with it head on. Notice that I said it’s my “goal”. As a typically flawed human being, it can take a little time for stoicism to kick in.

teal background with white lettering that reads: Where you come from does matter - but not nearly as much as where you are headed. Jodi Picoult

Where You’re Going

My first husband and I moved back to Ontario from BC so he could take a radio job in London. I would be unemployed and look for work while he carried the load. Due to a miscommunication, he thought the salary number he was given referred to his monthly pay. We soon found out that the number meant annually, in the thousands. Not many thousands. It was a lot less than we counted on before packing to move across the country.

Honemoon Suite single sleeve band photo for Feel It Again

Brushes Before Fame

Someone on Twitter recently asked whether anyone had seen a band or knew an actor before they became famous. Most of us radio types have had the good fortune to experience loads of those moments. But the questions took me further back, to my days of beer and bars. There were several times when I saw bands before they hit it big.

Rear Window

Behind our house is a bunch of other houses. This is not a surprise! We’re in one of the “new build” areas in Port Stanley. We’re not here for a big lot and we don’t care much about the immediate view; the beach is a 10 minute walk away. Being a short distance from it is better when one no longer parties heartily. And we were spared the terrible flooding the village experienced last week.