Getting High

Greetings, my little toe biters! Today I want to discuss something we kitties love so much: raising our perspective on the world. Life on the floor is all ankles and dust bunnies. It gets old, fast.

Chatty Catty

My humans have really lost it this time. Mother especially. She follows me around with her black rectangle in her hand, waiting for me to speak. Then she and father oooh and aaaah at the rectangle and tell me how wonderful I am. As if I’m not already aware!

The Road Well-Traveled

The hospice where my Mom died nearly two months ago reached out and offered me grief therapy, so I took it. I wanted to hear what would come out of me in a safe space, with a trained professional. I figured that would tell me how I was doing. I felt like I was coping okay. Lots of tears, but getting on with it. A wise man once said, “the last one to notice the water is the fish”. I’m the fish.

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