My Spirit Human

You’ve heard of writer’s block? I had a severe case of the feline equivalent – blogger’s paw – while my people were on their California trek. I did not feel the urge to share my thoughts, and I couldn’t reach the keyboard on my own.

California Dreaming

My Facebook memories are popping up with photos of last year’s visit to Palm Speings. We are with the same wonderful people and dog! This trip began in San Francisco and will end with a coastal drive back to that city. Here is a sample of stuff (and Molly!) we’ve seen so far.

Fortnight Hibernation

It’s Father who breaks the news to me. First, he calls me his Little Sweetie. Although he does it often, it always brings a smile. Then, he marvels over the beauty of my little face. Again, nothing new. He rests his forehead on mine so I can take in a deep breath of his scent – these days it’s a mix of a wood fire, CK cologne, and of course, bacon. And just when I’m purring like a motor and reveling in his attention, he tells me he and Mother are going away for two weeks.

Green Acres Part II

So here we are, on a 2/3 acre parcel of land, surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland. We haven’t heard a siren. When someone drives down our road, it’s an event. We’ve seen deer and I’m sure we’ll see other critters in time. Our nearest neighbour isn’t near at all, so we have this place wired (and wireless) for monitoring and security.

Tuesday Sweets With Miss Sugar – October 29

My people have never attempted to dress me up for special occasions. I think they know better. They wouldn’t dare force me to wear something spooky on Halloween, nor will they adorn me with a fuzzy sweater or boots this winter. (I don’t venture outside, after all.) But there is one item I wouldn’t shake off if placed on my perfect head: a cowboy hat.

Green Acres

Truth be told, these acres are brown right now. The feed corn that surrounds us is almost ready for harvest. The soybean fields a little further away came down this week. It was fun to watch the combines come in and get to work.

sign for Lowe's store

Parting (with my money) Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Shopping! Am I right? Between ethics and prices and convenience and everything else that goes into it, it’s a complicated experience. Remember when the Sears catalogue would arrive? You’d dog-ear the pages showing what you wanted and that was it. No comparison shopping. No worries about free shipping. Done and done. Santa, please bring me the inflatable Barbie chair.

A Room With A View

From my new writing space, all I see is corn, hay, more corn, trees, and more trees. There is a neighbour a km or so away, but I can’t quite make out their house. This is the road less traveled but there is a streetlight across from our home. It’s a little bit of civilization in a pretty remote area.