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My Limit of F***s

When Donald Trump made fun of sexual assault victim Christine Blasey-Ford, I knew I was close. When he walked up the steps of Air Force One with toilet-paper stuck to his shoe, and no one told him, my laughter created a little bit of room for more. But the confirmation of undoubtedly biased Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court nailed it. I’m out of f***s.  …

Throwback Thursday: Not My Finest Hour (But I’m A Good One Nonetheless)

We read stories about people quitting work by doing something outlandish and think, OMG, I could NEVER. Around the time I quit MIX/CFRB there were much bigger and bolder exits from broadcasting. One used their airtime to lambaste their boss and company owner. Another tossed his headphones and walked out. One of my exits became a bit of a folk-tale and over the years it has come back to me with the details all wrong.  …

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Depression Duration

My mother said long ago, “Everybody has something”. She meant that we all have something to deal with, whether it’s an illness or a physical issue or a crummy family life – something. More and more, we’re becoming aware of how many people’s “something” is mental illness.

Thankful Thursday – A Mountain of Mentors

Ever since that time I bought the big house in Toronto and found myself waist-deep in a much higher cost of living, I’ve been seeking out ways to make it all smaller. The big house coincided with the big job so the bills were manageable. But as fun as it was to decorate the place, the whole lifestyle went against my core values.  …

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Working for the Weekend

For most people, when the weekend arrives, work-time is over for two full days. It probably depends on what you do for a living, but it’s supposed to hold true. To that end, more countries are considering a ban on work emails outside of work hours. People are literally getting worked to death. There are health consequences to blurry lines between work and non-work hours.  …