Forever Finding Favourites

I wonder if it’s simply how people respond when they find things they enjoy. I land somewhere south of obsession and north of a strong case of “like”.

One of the things I’m really loving is a cookbook I wrote about a couple of weeks back. Scrappy Cooking by Carleigh Bodrug of Plant You. Since I wrote about it, it’s been to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and I’ve made a bunch of vegan recipes from it. I’ll never go back to buying vegan “beef” made of soy when I can so easily make it myself from oats and vegetables. It’s cheap and tasty. Carleigh was also on Kelly and Mark last week as she made the rounds during her LA book tour. This book will never leave my kitchen but for the moment, it’s the only one I’m consulting.

And while we’re on the subject of food, why didn’t anybody tell me about the magic of pickle juice? I’ve asked around and those I know best have been using it as a marinade for years. Well, I’m late to the pickle juice party but it does an amazing job on tofu.


Because of my love for standup comedy, most of the podcasts I listen to are either hosted by or feature standups as guests. The best ones are both.

Neal Brennan’s Blocks Podcast is my current go-to. Brennan is a brilliant comedian, co-creator of Chappelle’s Show, a writer and director behind so many funny projects. As the youngest of ten with a father who was, objectively, a prick, Neal has had his share of obstacles to overcome. On the Blocks Podcast he talks to comedy stars about what “blocks” get in their way and how they got through them. For example, Weird Al Yankovic talked about imposter syndrome. When he was about to perform at Carnegie Hall, he thought he wasn’t worthy compared to the legends who’ve graced that stage.

You know, human stuff.

And they get into the craft of comedy which I also love. I have such a deep appreciation for the way comics choose the perfect wording for a joke to make it land just so. It’s an art form that seems so effortless but is anything but.


Derek and I are both dedicated supporters of our village. If we can find something in Port Stanley instead of elsewhere, we’ll choose to support our neighbours every time.

One of the women behind a gorgeous store that shut down last year realized she missed the home decor game. This week, she launched the e-commerce shop, Lake and London, and many of us were on her website the second it went live. I love that she’s passionate about her business. As a Mom of two young boys, this will allow her to work around their needs. I love that her husband fully supported her leaving the corporate job she took after the retail store closed.

And I love the mouse named Louie that I chose for my own on opening night!

Brass mouse head above a mirror. The mouse is wearing a bow tie and glasses.

I don’t buy a lot of home decor. We don’t have room for it. But every once in a while a guy like Louie calls out to be taken home. And I follow the ‘one in – one out’ rule. So something’s got to go to Goodwill or Habitat Restore now that Louie has arrived. He was created by a Canadian artist Jessica Hiemstra and she has made a whole woodlot full of different critters all dressed up.

Lake and London ships across Canada and the US.


Jefferson Fisher is a Texas personal injury lawyer. Reading that sentence alone would make me want to run in the other direction. But he knows how to effectively argue, create boundaries, and express himself. He shares little slices of practical advice for these things via social media. And darn it, he also just seems like a nice guy.

Here’s an example.

The other day he posted a video about how to react when you feel left out. Well, who hasn’t felt left out at some point? (Please tell me I’m not the only one!) He addresses a variety of human experiences. He reminds us to keep our integrity and helps us appear more confident. He has valuable skills! Here’s his quick video on how to talk to someone you don’t like.


how to talk to someone you dont like

♬ original sound – Jefferson Fisher

These new things I’m enamoured with will eventually settle down into the rest of the stuff in my life. So, is that how it works? The new shiny thing sits on top of the pile until, after a bit more familiarity, it works its way into the regular rotation? Meantime, I’ve got about 120 vegan recipes still to try.

6 thoughts on “Forever Finding Favourites”

    1. Hi Pauline, there are recipes that would qualify but I’d have to say it isn’t created with diabetes/sugar in mind. She uses potatoes and other starchy vegetables as well as fruits. I would think there are other books out there with much more attention paid to the needs of diabetics.

  1. Lisa,
    Thank you for sharing your favourite things. I am excited to explore them.
    Louie is the best. We all need a Louie in our lives.
    Your blogs are always fun, thoughtful and informative.

  2. Hi Lisa
    “Texas Personal Injury Lawyer” is an understandable title that I also would address with a high degree of skepticism. However, on your advice i listened to his video, liked it and am now a follower. His advice is filled with my values of trust and integrity, among others.
    I also like Louie and will be investigating Lake and London. Linda will be looking at the vegan stuff and just said she will be looking for the cookbook. I’m not a tofu fan!
    As always you are very inspiring. Thanks.

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