Month: October 2011

“The Worst Family in the World”

Much has been written about soul-less Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff and his ravenous greed.  However, a new book aims to give us an inside look at Bernie’s entire family and how disgusting, sad, mean and gluttonous they all were, as a unit.  

Sleep Study Number Three

Last night I slept at sleep-away camp again.  South Street Hospital, here in London, at the sleep lab clinic for my third sleep study.  This time they had me try the CPAP mask to see if it would relieve my sleep apnea.

Chaz and all of the Different Kids

I’ve never watched, nor will I likely ever watch Dancing With the Stars.  But this season I’ve been kind of interested in how one contestant has been doing in the competition: Chaz Bono.  

Too Broad, Too Tough

Sex abuse victim Sheldon Kennedy spoke to Parliamentary justice committee yesterday in support of the Harper government’s omnibus crime bill.  

Email Woes Update

If you were going to write a horror movie to scare the bejesus out people who are dependent on email, what’s happening to me would make a terrific plotline.

This and Tats

I got into my car yesterday just in time to hear a caller on Jeff McArthur’s talk show (am 980) explain to Jeff how distrusting a person with tattoos “on sight” wasn’t discriminatory. 

One in a Few Million

I always knew I was an original, unique, special, a rare bird. But now Rogers has confirmed it!  I am apparently their only customer who can’t get into her Rogers email.  

We Women Have to Cut it Out

So many women do it.  I did it the other day and I only caught myself after it was too late.  We criticize our bodies relentlessly.  It’s as if we want to put a spotlight on our flaws before anybody else dares to realize that we’re not perfect.  Enough already!  

Only in America

A Michigan woman is suing the distributer of a new movie and the theatre where she saw it because she says the trailer was misleading.