Personal Life

Derek and I holding cardboard cartoon smiles up to our mouths in a McDonald's

Come On Get Happy

I used to want to be famous. When I was a lot younger, I thought fame was a sure path to acceptance, adoration and financial freedom. I believed that fame washed away insecurities and flaws, leaving behind a shiny, beloved creature without a care in the world. I assumed it was how you got happy.

Getting Over It

Over the years, I’ve received loads of emails and messages from people who were grateful that I taught them about sepsis. They’d never heard of it and now know it exists. Maybe that knowledge could save a life. So, why is it that I can recite by heart the one negative email I got?

doodle of musical notes and a set of headphones plugged into a heart

Ears to You

Just before everything shut down for the pandemic, one of my hearing aids went on the fritz. It still worked, but it started emitting a loud, high-pitched whine whenever it felt like it. Imagine someone screaming in your left ear at random intervals. So, I stopped wearing it, obviously.

woman with her head on her open laptop, sleeping

Sleepless in Southwold

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you why they don’t get a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep isn’t special although everyone’s reasons for it are a little bit different. Isolation has created a sleeping problem for some people who never had one before. But we are already a nation of bad sleepers.

random black music notes spread out on a white blackground

That Song

Discussing frivolous things right now seems wrong. Serious, important issues are at the forefront and I’m definitely taking part in those conversations. But sometimes, you need a mental break. Whether it’s turning off social media, or talking about the weather, or what have you. In that spirit, I want to share a little happy, silly, but satisfying occurence in my life! And it’s all about a song.

Derek on his red and grey tractor backing down from a pile of crushed asphalt, his blade pushing some of it

Rural Routes

I fought our new way of life for several months after we moved in. Even though I know it’s futile and frankly, unhealthy for my mental wellness, I dug myself into a state of forcing this old house and property to prove itself to me. It’s too big, too unpredictable too…rural.

computer keyboard with a credit card hooked on a fishing hook

Something Phishy

I’m prepared to be judged for this. Whenever someone is scammed, we like to assume they’re stupid because that leaves us feeling we’ll never be a victim. My response has always been, “They wouldn’t keep the scam going if it didn’t work”. I hesitated to write about it. But after something similar happened to the wise and wonderful Reta Ismail, she encouraged me to tell my story. Maybe it will help someone else.