Personal Life

Bottled Up

My Mother was always searching for the right skincare solution. Years of smoking, and in her younger days, baking in the sunshine, took their toll on her face. After she quit smoking her skin visibly improved. But she always hoped there was something out there that would restore her dewy, youthful glow.

grocery cashier and customers at the till

Chatty Checkouts

As a Stoic, it’s my goal to accept things as they come. That means not wishing away a flat fire or tummy ache or worse. Acknowledge the moment, deal with it head on. Notice that I said it’s my “goal”. As a typically flawed human being, it can take a little time for stoicism to kick in.

teal background with white lettering that reads: Where you come from does matter - but not nearly as much as where you are headed. Jodi Picoult

Where You’re Going

My first husband and I moved back to Ontario from BC so he could take a radio job in London. I would be unemployed and look for work while he carried the load. Due to a miscommunication, he thought the salary number he was given referred to his monthly pay. We soon found out that the number meant annually, in the thousands. Not many thousands. It was a lot less than we counted on before packing to move across the country.

Rear Window

Behind our house is a bunch of other houses. This is not a surprise! We’re in one of the “new build” areas in Port Stanley. We’re not here for a big lot and we don’t care much about the immediate view; the beach is a 10 minute walk away. Being a short distance from it is better when one no longer parties heartily. And we were spared the terrible flooding the village experienced last week.

Teacher in front of a blackboard teaching a lesson, gesturing toward students sitting at their desks.

A Lifetime of Learning

The beginning of a new school year always makes me think of warm clothes like long sweaters and stiff cords. I remember an ugly belted sweater I wore until it practically disintegrated. And the sound of corduroys brushing against themselves as I walked quickly down the hallway at South Lincoln High School. You wanted to move fast because the Hare brothers, Craig Nelson and Jerald Collens were standing at the end of the hall. With folded arms they silently judged the girls rounding the corner to history class or the gym. You had to pass by, there was no way around it.

Louis holds his beloved cat Cou Cou in the car before her first road trip.

Our Friend Louis

I wasn’t his closest friend, nor did I know him the longest among our little group. About 12 years. But I want to tell you what I do know about our friend Louis Christian Charland who died suddenly of a heart attack today. (UPDATE: Louis did not suffer a heart attack. He had a bacterial infection in his heart.)