Personal Life

The Road Less Travelled

We’re living in an apartment for a while and there’s less to do, chore-wise. So, if we don’t get out and get busy, all we’ll do is work. On a related note, I saw a drink coaster recently that said, “Don’t confuse having a career with having a life”. I did have those two confused for a good, long while. It’s kind of ironic that drink coasters have become so wise when I see so few of them anymore.

Thanks, Wallaceburg

We lived there for only eight months. Not since the early days in my career have I moved again so quickly. And back then, I had few items of my own. It’s a bigger deal to move these days. When I picked up some boxes, an employee at the store said, “I moved once. Never again”!

Miss Sugar in the middle of an obviously caved-in bed, atop a white comforter, looking miserable.

Miss Sugar’s Moving Diary – Entry #3

There is nothing left in this house except the things that belong to me. My scratching post that looks like a bent toilet brush, my basket of toys and brushes. Best of all, my fuzzy, puffy pouf and of course, my food. I must face the fact that we are camping now. The furniture upon which I leave my fur is now but a memory. These humans cannot be reasoned with. Take note of my facial expression. This air mattress has no give!

artsy shot of half a wall clock

Decisions, Decisions

I’ve written about decisions a time or two because I find them fascinating. A boss I once had refused to make any decisions. He was so worried about making the wrong one, he made none. From him, I learned it’s better to decide on something and perhaps change your mind later, than to not decide at all and leave everybody around you wanting to pummel you with a wiffle bat.