Personal Life

Red emergency sign on a hospital

Keeping it Real

Everyone needs to really think about what quality of life means to them. But not everyone will actually do it. It’s one of those things that people too often put off and then leave their loved ones wondering. My Dad, thankfully, was clear and consistent in what he did and didn’t want. No heroics. No feeding tubes, no life support, no resuscitation.

woman selecting a can from a packed grocery store shelf

Face Time

It’s never bothered me to get captured by surveillance cameras. I know it annoys some people that everywhere we go, there’s a lens on us. Add to that, the people who feel the need to record everything, grabbing our images in the process.

bowls of freshly picked vegetables including carrots, red peppers, cucumbers and zucchini


Our country cousins, like most farm folk, were far ahead of the rest of us when it came to sustainable food sources and recycling. In the 60s and 70s, they grew their own vegetables, raised livestock and had a “compost heap” for perishable waste.