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Green Acres Part II

So here we are, on a 2/3 acre parcel of land, surrounded by hundreds of acres of farmland. We haven’t heard a siren. When someone drives down our road, it’s an event. We’ve seen deer and I’m sure we’ll see other critters in time. Our nearest neighbour isn’t near at all, so we have this place wired (and wireless) for monitoring and security.

Green Acres

Truth be told, these acres are brown right now. The feed corn that surrounds us is almost ready for harvest. The soybean fields a little further away came down this week. It was fun to watch the combines come in and get to work.

sign for Lowe's store

Parting (with my money) Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Shopping! Am I right? Between ethics and prices and convenience and everything else that goes into it, it’s a complicated experience. Remember when the Sears catalogue would arrive? You’d dog-ear the pages showing what you wanted and that was it. No comparison shopping. No worries about free shipping. Done and done. Santa, please bring me the inflatable Barbie chair.

A Room With A View

From my new writing space, all I see is corn, hay, more corn, trees, and more trees. There is a neighbour a km or so away, but I can’t quite make out their house. This is the road less traveled but there is a streetlight across from our home. It’s a little bit of civilization in a pretty remote area.

Card given out at Jodi's visitation has a photo of her, a microphone and small photos of her favourite things along the bottom - The Queen, Keith Urban, Rod Stewart and one of her dogs, a husky.

Flashback Tuesday

Today, and for the rest of this week, I’m going into reruns, in order to free my mind and soul (and fingers and knees!) for the task ahead of settling into our new/old home. If all goes as planned, as you read this we are watching the unloading of our first shipping container of possessions. So, please indulge me as I share my most-read posts from the last few years.

Three plastic toothbrush heads of varying sizes

You Better, You Bet

Here’s a confession. I love using plastic sandwich bags. You know, the ones with the zip closure? I love them! I use them for everything from food storage to stand-ins for plastic gloves. They’re terribly wasteful so I’ve made a promise to myself (and now to you) that I will stop buying them after we move.

Derek and I posing outside. He's wearing a tux and top hat and I'm in a bright blue skirt, white blouse and white and blue hat, appropriate for 1912.

Titanic Memories

Last week, my friend Dan took me as his plus-one to a preview performance of Titanic: The Musical at London’s Grand Theatre. It’s this year’s high school project. I’ve seen many of them – you’d never know you’re watching high school students. The talent is first-rate.

The Road Less Travelled

We’re living in an apartment for a while and there’s less to do, chore-wise. So, if we don’t get out and get busy, all we’ll do is work. On a related note, I saw a drink coaster recently that said, “Don’t confuse having a career with having a life”. I did have those two confused for a good, long while. It’s kind of ironic that drink coasters have become so wise when I see so few of them anymore.

Thanks, Wallaceburg

We lived there for only eight months. Not since the early days in my career have I moved again so quickly. And back then, I had few items of my own. It’s a bigger deal to move these days. When I picked up some boxes, an employee at the store said, “I moved once. Never again”!

Miss Sugar in the middle of an obviously caved-in bed, atop a white comforter, looking miserable.

Miss Sugar’s Moving Diary – Entry #3

There is nothing left in this house except the things that belong to me. My scratching post that looks like a bent toilet brush, my basket of toys and brushes. Best of all, my fuzzy, puffy pouf and of course, my food. I must face the fact that we are camping now. The furniture upon which I leave my fur is now but a memory. These humans cannot be reasoned with. Take note of my facial expression. This air mattress has no give!