artsy shot of half a wall clock

Decisions, Decisions

I’ve written about decisions a time or two because I find them fascinating. A boss I once had refused to make any decisions. He was so worried about making the wrong one, he made none. From him, I learned it’s better to decide on something and perhaps change your mind later, than to not decide at all and leave everybody around you wanting to pummel you with a wiffle bat.

screen shot of my PC Optimum app showing a points balance of 73,781

Making My Points

There must be some terrific points-spending stories out there. Maybe you bought something big with a whack of saved points or got a special deal of some kind. I envy you because I can’t seem to let mine accumulate before I spend them.

woman selecting a can from a packed grocery store shelf

Face Time

It’s never bothered me to get captured by surveillance cameras. I know it annoys some people that everywhere we go, there’s a lens on us. Add to that, the people who feel the need to record everything, grabbing our images in the process.

Young woman sitting in driver's seat of a car, proudly holding up keys

Drafting Dum-Dums

There have always been terrible drivers. Cowboys in the old west probably had complaints about other horse riders who crowded them. Fun fact: roller-derby was invented by a frustrated roller-skater who got fed up with being run into.*

me sitting at the massive control board in the MIX 999 studio at 2 St. Clair West in Toronto. Behind me are racks and racks of carts (cartridges) and CDs. I have permed hair!


I haven’t accepted the word retirement and I don’t think it’s accurate. But everyone who wants to know how I’m doing asks me how retirement is going! My fondness for food and shelter means I need to work. But it’s kind of like branding; a brand doesn’t get to decide how it’s seen by others. It’s defined by the way it’s perceived.   …