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The Real Cure

We’ve all seen those videos and stories about how a cure for cancer has been suppressed, the secret to dissolving belly fat, etc.. They come from websites with vaguely familiar names and have been “overlooked” or ignored by mainstream medicine and media. 

Corrie’s Sepsis Story

My thanks to blog reader Cameron for tipping me off about something the UK is buzzing about. Coronation Street, the long-running, beloved British soap opera, put a character in a coma because of misdiagnosed sepsis. Survivors like me, and advocates around the world, are taking notice. This is huge. 

Yet Another Scam

Longtime readers might remember references to Cousin Kim. She’s Derek’s cousin by DNA but I’ve definitely claimed her too! With permission of her daughter, Kristina, I’m sharing their story today. It’s a scam I’d never heard of but it’s more common than we might think. A frustrated Kristina told her story on the Mastercard Facebook …

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Political Randt

Quashing the truth always worries me. I’m concerned for a generation of kids growing up with confusing messages from (supposed) grown-ups who tell stories with facts conveniently omitted because those facts don’t support their narrative.

Google Giggle

If you weren’t aware, Google has an online translation service. I’ve used it here and there and recently Ken read about an Easter Egg on the site. Remember Easter Eggs on DVDs? They were little hidden gems, like outtakes or special scenes, that you could only find if you knew where to look.