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Pandemic Purchases

Online and curbside shopping in the pandemic era has been anything but smooth. For a while, it was next to impossible to get a timeslot for grocery pick-up. Deliveries take a lot longer than advertised. Canada Post has been backed up like a taster in a cheese-making contest. We’ve all had to adjust. Some of us take it better than others.

White lettering on grey background reads: Gaslighting, the narcissist's favorite tool


Gaslighting is my favourite term of the – whatever they call this era. Before it had a name, I called this behavior “bad boyfriend syndrome”. The bad boyfriend is toxic. He sleeps with your friend and then tells you you’re overreacting when you find out and get upset.

Investigative Insight

I’ve joked that if I was ever cut open, secrets would explode out of me and fill the room with noise. From details of the Bernardo case, to Tori Stafford and many in between – I’ve locked away so many things that were never made public but that journalists covering the cases were privy to.