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Tweet from a lab-animal rescue organisation shows Ricky with a rescued Beagle named Scarlett and a mention of the millions he has given to animal wefare groups

Review: After Life

Ricky Gervais doesn’t give a flying shit about what I think. Nor should he. If I’m ever lucky enough to talk to him, I’ll ask whose opinion does matter to him, other than his own. His longtime girlfriend Jane’s? If Jane thought something he wrote was rubbish, would he rewrite it or tell her she’s “mental”? (I don’t care either way – I just want to know the answer!)

me sitting at the massive control board in the MIX 999 studio at 2 St. Clair West in Toronto. Behind me are racks and racks of carts (cartridges) and CDs. I have permed hair!


I haven’t accepted the word retirement and I don’t think it’s accurate. But everyone who wants to know how I’m doing asks me how retirement is going! My fondness for food and shelter means I need to work. But it’s kind of like branding; a brand doesn’t get to decide how it’s seen by others. It’s defined by the way it’s perceived.   …