closeup of infant feet

Baby Love

I’ll admit it: I love a little gossip. Who is dating whom. Behind-the-scenes tidbits from shows and movies. I’m selective about where I’ll bag my trash about celebrities, though, because there’s an aspect of it that makes me truly feel sick to my stomach.

splitscreen photos of Jane Fonda - on the left, a full body shot of her in a long, yellow gown. On the right, a close-up of her, smiling

Women Up

It occurred to me the other day that the entertainment industry is finally starting to treat women the way they treat men. On screen, at least. In specific instances. And it’s about frickin’ time.


I’m not pro-abortion. No one should be using abortion as birth control. But I believe the so-called pro-life faction should be renamed anti-choice. A woman’s body should be hers to make decisions about. On last week’s SNL, Leslie Jones gave a sincere and angry response to Alabama’s hard-line, new anti-abortion law. She didn’t even have to say a word.

All Hail Alejandro

American Idol – I know. Some people hate it. It’s been fascinating and annoying and – when Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were on it – a waste of airtime. The show deserves the cynicism it attracts, too, with too many so-called Idols having faded into nothingness. Now it’s a little too sweet but I’ll take that over mean any day. And it’s almost over for another season.

My Generation

For the longest time, I thought I was Gen X. It was a shock to discover, a long time ago, that I actually belong to the tail end of the Baby Boomer generation. It didn’t make sense to me because my parents weren’t old enough to have served in a war. That’s where the “boom” came from; soldiers coming home from war, going forth and multiplying.