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Billionaires Owe the World That Made Them

We like to watch old reruns of Shark Tank. For me, it’s not about seeing people become rich. It’s about people who need it getting a hand up from someone who has already been there, trying to make a dream come true. As we watch, I Google the company name and find out whether they are still in business, or what happened to them. But there’s an aspect of the show that I despise.

A snip of my Twitter profile showing my photo and the blue checkmark of verification beside my name.

Twitter Out of the Blue

I’ve never really been a “follow the crowd” type of woman. One look at my wardrobe in high school and you’ll see that was always true. I wore a “security sweater”, like The Peanuts’ Linus with his blanket. Sure, I also had a 1970’s fooler top (one piece that looks like two), platform shoes, and flared cords. Sometimes you had to get whatever was trendy because that’s all that was available.

Annoyed lemon. A lemon with a woman's eyes and mouth in it.

Lemony Goop

Last week, I watched a TikTok video on repeat and laughed out loud each time. Someone I know had shared it to Instagram. Be warned: the language is Not Safe For Work. But somehow, when harsh words are coming out of an Annoyed Lemon, it’s hilarious.