doodle of musical notes and a set of headphones plugged into a heart

Ears to You

Just before everything shut down for the pandemic, one of my hearing aids went on the fritz. It still worked, but it started emitting a loud, high-pitched whine whenever it felt like it. Imagine someone screaming in your left ear at random intervals. So, I stopped wearing it, obviously.

random black music notes spread out on a white blackground

That Song

Discussing frivolous things right now seems wrong. Serious, important issues are at the forefront and I’m definitely taking part in those conversations. But sometimes, you need a mental break. Whether it’s turning off social media, or talking about the weather, or what have you. In that spirit, I want to share a little happy, silly, but satisfying occurence in my life! And it’s all about a song.

computer keyboard with a credit card hooked on a fishing hook

Something Phishy

I’m prepared to be judged for this. Whenever someone is scammed, we like to assume they’re stupid because that leaves us feeling we’ll never be a victim. My response has always been, “They wouldn’t keep the scam going if it didn’t work”. I hesitated to write about it. But after something similar happened to the wise and wonderful Reta Ismail, she encouraged me to tell my story. Maybe it will help someone else.

Nevin Grant and Kenny Rogers in a black and white photo, both wearing suits and holding a gold record

They Called Him Hitmaker

Canadian radio lost one of its last legends this week. Nevin Grant died during surgery. Had it not been for COVID-19, he would have been preparing for a big moment. He was going to receive the Allan Waters Lifetime Achievement Award and induction into the Canadian Broadcasters Hall of Fame. This is the Hall which will also induct Erin Davis when the delayed event finally happens next year.

White lettering on grey background reads: Gaslighting, the narcissist's favorite tool


Gaslighting is my favourite term of the – whatever they call this era. Before it had a name, I called this behavior “bad boyfriend syndrome”. The bad boyfriend is toxic. He sleeps with your friend and then tells you you’re overreacting when you find out and get upset.

bare arm held by a gloved hand, ready for injection

The Big Deal

Misinformation about COVID-19 is traveling at the speed of light. Reactions range from hysteria (TP hoarding) to stupidity (See Donald Trump/Mike Pence) to apathy (what’s the big deal?). I find myself getting angry while viewing social media which is not the way I normally react to ignorance.

Miss Sugar Gets Around

Father has been ill with a virus – not the one that’s been grabbing international headlines and causing worry. No, my extra-special human contracted a boring old strep throat virus. Sadly for me, he bounced back quickly. I don’t wish illness on him but the math is simple: Ailing Father + rest time = more opportunities to pet me. I really don’t see where the problem is.