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The Secret Life – and Death – of Plants in my Care

When we lived in London (Byron, specifically) we had a huge pear tree in the back yard. One year, we noticed a Kijiji ad asking for pears. A lovely older couple came and harvested them all. We weren’t pear people and in previous years we struggled with fallen fruit and wasps. So many wasps.

black meme with writing that reads: How to support small businesses after Black Friday? Small Business Saturday.

What the Dickens is Up With Small Business Saturday

We sometimes buy things from Amazon. I shop at a couple of online grocers who carry specialty items I can’t get from anyone near me. We are not perfect beings and I despise helping a billionaire like Jeff Bezos get richer. But Amazon didn’t become the monolith it is without doing a few things right.

dark clouds coming up from the water are actually fish flies emerging from the lake

Pretty Fly – ImPort Stanley

If you were anywhere near here last week, you saw the flies. Clouds of them. Thanks to my neighbour Carol for capturing the image above as they emerged from the lake. When not flying, they crowded in clusters on anything from buildings to rocks. They ruined people’s morning coffee on the patio and evening dinner on the deck. They’re gross but harmless, and short-lived.