Chatty Catty

My humans have really lost it this time. Mother especially. She follows me around with her black rectangle in her hand, waiting for me to speak. Then she and father oooh and aaaah at the rectangle and tell me how wonderful I am. As if I’m not already aware!

The Road Well-Traveled

The hospice where my Mom died nearly two months ago reached out and offered me grief therapy, so I took it. I wanted to hear what would come out of me in a safe space, with a trained professional. I figured that would tell me how I was doing. I felt like I was coping okay. Lots of tears, but getting on with it. A wise man once said, “the last one to notice the water is the fish”. I’m the fish.

California Dreaming

My Facebook memories are popping up with photos of last year’s visit to Palm Speings. We are with the same wonderful people and dog! This trip began in San Francisco and will end with a coastal drive back to that city. Here is a sample of stuff (and Molly!) we’ve seen so far.

close-up o f a pink rose

Smelling Roses

Maybe it’s because I get to see the sunrise in the morning now. Maybe the fact that I have more control over my days has something to do with it. I’ve always been grateful for so many good fortunes in my life, but lately that gratitude can bring me to tears. Look away – I’m a mess!

Slippery Slope

My first apartment in Wingham had a huge kitchen and livingroom, with a loft-like bedroom and bathroom at the top of a steep set of painted stairs. A few times, when my panty-hosed feet met those steps, Lisa went bye-bye. I recall slipping all the way down, my endless fall finally broken by cracking my noggin on the wooden door at the bottom.

Carted Away

I’ve made a few observations about this part of the province. People are nice here. Everyone says hello, or gives a wave. A man let me in front of him in the Service Ontario office and even though I told him I had a pile of stuff to do there, he waved me off and took a seat. Maybe they can afford to be nice because they don’t seem to be in as much of a hurry. Cities hurry you up, whether you know it or not.