Thankful Thursday – The Outlaws

If life is teaching me anything, it’s to be grateful for who you have while you have them. My in-laws are a pretty wonderful bunch. Derek is the eldest of six and they’re all different but they’re also similar. Siblings are like that. I mean, I only have one, so what did I know?

Orange You Glad?

It’s funny how little things from our childhood stick with us into adulthood. For example, the way your Mom or Dad (or you) prepared an orange. Did they peel it or cut it? And was it cut into slices or sections? How thick or thin were they? 

Pull The Plug

Of all of the contentious and debatable things making headlines right now – apart from Sir Orange Head of US-land – there’s one thing that should have us all taking up pitchforks and torches and raiding Queen’s Park.*

Dining in the Dark

Late last week, live on our show, Ken experienced what it’s like to eat when you can’t see. We set this up to highlight the upcoming fundraiser for Deaf/Blind Ontario, Dining in the Dark. Guests are served a formal meal and have to eat it while blindfolded. 

In the Luuup

Cats can be kind of disgusting. They’re more-or-less clean and rather obsessed with self-grooming but…well…if you’ve ever had a cat, you know. So when I heard about Luuup, the self-described Best Litter Box Ever Made, I had to investigate. This reads a bit like an infomercial, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not because my beta phase …

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Miss Information

The Huffington Post conducted a fascinating experiment this week. They crafted an article with a deliberately false headline just to see how many people would share it without even reading it. Thousands did. 

What’s Underfoot

I may have mentioned before that this house was a definite fixer-upper. Neglected by the son of its late owners, it needed so much work, we made lists of things to determine our priorities. We had to start with the non-sexy stuff like a roof. 

It’s 11 O’Clock. Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

With those words, Irv Weinstein began the late-night newscast on Buffalo’s WKBW Channel 7. He was the big time, the Walter Cronkite for our generation. He left the airwaves 17 years ago but just his name conjurs up memories of mentions of Tonawanda, Lackawana and other exotic locales he brought to our little southern Ontario ears. 

Feeling Your Photos

Ever wonder how your profile picture/head shot comes across to other people? If you’ve had a business photo taken by a professional, you have to rely on their expertise. Family and friends will tell you if you look foolish, but they’re also used to your face. So how can you find out the first impression …

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Indefensible Acts in Africa

Last week media reported on a trophy-hunting tourism group that was holding what was expected to be a huge trade show north of Toronto. African Events Canada claims its hunting tours are beneficial to everyone involved. It even says the animals benefit because they’re not poached, they’re hunted and used up. So, you know, it’s good for …

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