Miss Sugar stretched out on the grey couch with a clipart, red and white santa hat placed on her head

The Only One We Get

I’ve been truly gobsmacked over the sheer number of comments here and on social media about my alcoholism post. It amazes me that people respond so generously to an honest revelation about something that, not so long ago, brought me feelings of shame. But it’s when we reveal our flaws that we give others permission to do the same. We ought to learn this stuff in school. So, thank you for sharing your experiences and simply for being kind.

Louis holds his beloved cat Cou Cou in the car before her first road trip.

Our Friend Louis

I wasn’t his closest friend, nor did I know him the longest among our little group. About 12 years. But I want to tell you what I do know about our friend Louis Christian Charland who died suddenly of a heart attack today. (UPDATE: Louis did not suffer a heart attack. He had a bacterial infection in his heart.)