Leftover Rant II

This is the second and last column I wrote for a magazine that had a change at the helm. You know what that’s like; the new person wants to make their own decisions and hire their own people. It’s all good. But why let a collection of carefully chosen sentences go to waste? And so …

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Column – Bleak View from the Ivory Tower

In my second-last column for Our London, I wrote about the paper’s end, just days away. Many of us work for big corporations now. They have to eat their young in order to keep up appearances. And so I wrote… 

See You Next Year

2017 has nothing to apologize for. It’s not the year’s fault that we lost my father in it. That blame goes to Parkinson’s Disease which robbed us of him even before it took his life. This is our first Christmas without Dad. 

a shot of random coloured christmas lights

Here Comes the Judge

Every year it happens and I brace for it. The predictable outrage about when Christmas decorations go up. No one can do anything about when they appear in stores, so they crab about peoples’ personal preferences. Can’t someone wear a poppy and install Christmas lights at the same time without being judged for it?

Just Say The Word

In the six-and-a-half years since my personal victory over sepsis, a lot has changed. Sepsis is the body’s overreaction to a minor infection that leads to a blood infection that’s fatal if it isn’t treated. Here’s an update, for this World Sepsis Day 2017.