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Website Changes

There are changes underway on this site! A redesign is underway so there might be a few unfamiliar features. Please be patient and enjoy what we hope will be improvements to the layout. Your feedback, as always, is welcome. Thanks!

Not for Now

I’m not feeling my blog this week. Although the distraction of a radio show and the inane things we get up to is welcome, here, writing alone in my home, I don’t feel like acting as if everything is okay. Lauren’s death has rattled me to my core and worries me deeply about my friends, her parents, and their families. It’s just too much. I will see you in this space on Monday, with the usual articles, jibber-jabber and nonsense that I love. Until then…I leave you with June 22, 2013.

Mother and daughter pose, smiling and radiant, on Lauren's wedding day

Taking Weekends Off

This blog used to be a seven-day-a-week affair.  Many months ago, without any fanfare, I stopped posting on Sundays. I received a few emails from people who wondered if perhaps I’d forgotten or something, but it doesn’t seem to have been a big deal.  …

It’s Flashback Week!

This week I’m bringing back some of my early posts from this blog. I’ve been moving some to a new overflow site on Weebly and while rereading them a few cried out for revival! So please indulge me while I go retro this week, which is also Reading Week for my students at Fanshawe. Comments are open.

My Phone the iPhone

I still hate my iPhone. Oh I love a lot of things it can do or I wouldn’t have it but I despise the keyboard. I’ve been an iPhone gal for a few years now and I’m still not used to the onscreen keyboard and I make a lot of mistakes I never made with the Blackberry.  Touching actual buttons makes the difference. But I can’t give up its other features so here I am, the reluctant iPhone user.  …

An Easier Way to Have Your Say

Once in a while, certainly more often than I would like, I’ll get an email from a blog reader who has become frustrated while trying to register to leave a comment.  It’s not the fault of the site but I suppose that doesn’t really matter when it gets in the way of someone who wants to say something about something they’ve read. So my webmaster and I came up with a solution that will eliminate those barriers and make it super simple to leave a comment.  …