Three construction paper paintings in a row on a wall about an inch above a baseboard.

Cat’s Height Gallery

Hello, my sweets! I’ve been thinking. It’s a wonder the neck of a cat isn’t as long as a giraffe’s. We spend so much of our time looking up. Everything we want to see is many miles above us. This is why we love climbing up onto things like bookshelves and roofs. It’s from such a perch that we’re able to finally look down on the world.

Close up of Miss Sugar's face while she snuggles in a puffy white comforter.

Playing Dress Up

Human beans are getting bored with being stuck at home. It feels like it’s been nearly forever since the panda-emic began, and we were all told to stay in our houses and self deprecate. But once again, my attitude is gratitude and I’ll tell you exactly why.

Come On Get Happy

Upon long and careful reflection, mostly attained during frequent naps, I have figured out the secret to happiness. Actually, my little Furminators, there isn’t just one secret. There are a few of them. But they all centre on the same basic principle: think about others instead of just yourself.

Cabin Fever Hits Home

I’ve heard that there are unevolved human beans out there who think, oh, it’s just the cat. They don’t appreciate our sensitive nature or the deep, inner conflict we feel about too much togetherness. Well, look out people because I’m having a moment that’s approaching a cat-astrophe! If I don’t get some alone time soon, I’m going to lose my trademark composure. If I could hold a pen, I’d write a strongly worded letter to the authorities and ask them to please go somewhere, anywhere, for just a while. I love them – I really do – but if I had claws, I’d climb the walls.

Extreme close-up of Miss Sugar's face, looking curious.

Four-legged Foodie

Hand-washing seems to be all the rage right now. Let me ask you, my little string grabbers, doesn’t it concern you that people seem to suddenly be aware of the practice? Your fave feline blogger has always insisted on frequent hand-washing before and after her requisite belly-rubs. One can never be too careful. Now, onto today’s topic: food.