a pair of black and gold hiking shoes on a forest floor with leaves and weeds in view

Hiking Around – ImPort Stanley

ImPort Stanley is weekly series about life and discoveries by a recent “import” to Port Stanley, ON. Access previous posts on everything from shopping to hotels and our beaches by clicking the tag ImPort Stanley.

Some people like to stay motionless when they’re on vacation. I’m not one of those people. Although we’re not avid hikers, we’re not couch potatoes, either. We are yams in motion.

Window of the Harbour Merchant Coffee Co has a blue and yellow decal on it in support of Ukraine

A Giving Community – ImPort Stanley

ImPort Stanley is weekly series about life and discoveries by a recent “import” to Port Stanley, ON.

Our little village is showing support for Ukraine. The decal above is on the window of The Harbour Merchant Coffee Company. Around the corner toward Little Beach, Joshua and Company will donate 20% of all sales on Wednesday (March 16) to the Red Cross and its efforts in Ukraine. The Canadian government is matching donations until March 18, so your money doubles.

Beagle with its ears somehow up like wings as it listens

Talking Dog Language

Gary Larson drew a Far Side cartoon I’ll never forget. It’s one among many memorable ones, actually. I can’t reproduce it here because of copyright laws and the fact that I’d like to keep my house instead of giving it to Larson’s lawyer.

Miss Sugar stretched out on the grey couch with a clipart, red and white santa hat placed on her head

The Only One We Get

I’ve been truly gobsmacked over the sheer number of comments here and on social media about my alcoholism post. It amazes me that people respond so generously to an honest revelation about something that, not so long ago, brought me feelings of shame. But it’s when we reveal our flaws that we give others permission to do the same. We ought to learn this stuff in school. So, thank you for sharing your experiences and simply for being kind.

Miss Sugar looking at the camera from the end of a bed with a comforter that has a leaf pattern on it

Miss Sugar Writes: Sensational, Selfless Teen

Oh, my pretties, my little heart is so full of joy! Not only because a fresh holiday wreath has been affixed to the front door where its pine needles will surely drop and be tracked into the house. Then I can complete my annual ritual of chewing them up and then throwing them up. It’s our own little holiday tradition! But the real reason is because of today’s story that I can’t wait to tell you. It’s about a young girl I’d love to meet and leave clumps of my shedding coat upon. She is my new heroine, And she’s not even a cat!

Authentic CommuniCATion

Hello my little tummy ticklers! Thank you for visiting. I don’t want to bum you out (or as we cats put it, butt you out) but today’s post will take a more serious, personal tone. Don’t worry, though. All is well, I merely want to share an authentic slice of life with you.