Cat People

This is not a time to go shopping for house stuff. When we’re about to pack it all up and we don’t even know where we’ll live between homes, adding to the cupboards isn’t advisable. But what about the walls?

Derek stands beside an entrance sign for Highway 101 south

In the Palm of our Hands

You know the kind of person who can tell you the street names and highlights of towns and cities they’ve visited only once? Well, I’m not one of those people. I have just dug through a mountain of receipts to remember where we have been! Lucky for us, we mainly drove on one road: highway 101 along the Pacific coast, from Washington to California.  …

Thankful Thursday – The Gift of Distraction

There’s something to be said for keeping one’s mind off the thing that’s being a bother when all you’re doing is repeating the same information on a loop. It’s alluring to keep going over it in your head, again and again. But I’ve found that distracting myself can be just as healing. Instead of running repeat laps on the same mental track, when I come back to the issue or the thing, it’s like driving a car with a fresh set of tires. …