Miss Sugar’s Mailbag 2

It seems that you, my little kibble crunchers, have more questions about the most fantastical and mysterious creature known to earth: the cat. A few friendly felines and their fur-families have sent me their queries, and I am honoured to be their source for pussformation. As I’ve done before, I will endeavour to answer these important inquiries to the best of my ability.

Miss Sugar standing and looking up

Miss Sugar’s Mailbag

Greetings my little feather grabbers! Today we’re diving into Miss Sugar’s mailbag. This is where I’ll answer some of your most pressing questions about yours truly and my super special species. Despite sharing space with humans for some 10,000 years, we maintain an air of mystery, an allure, a misunderstoodness, if you will. So I shall do my utmost to clear up any confusion. Let’s get to your queries, shall we?

Out With People

The strangest thing occurred recently. My Mother and Father went out in the evening. For hours. Wearing clothing that had buttons and zippers, and real shoes with laces and everything. Mother’s shoes were shiny and had heels! The shock of it was almost too much to bear. What was happening?

Three construction paper paintings in a row on a wall about an inch above a baseboard.

Cat’s Height Gallery

Hello, my sweets! I’ve been thinking. It’s a wonder the neck of a cat isn’t as long as a giraffe’s. We spend so much of our time looking up. Everything we want to see is many miles above us. This is why we love climbing up onto things like bookshelves and roofs. It’s from such a perch that we’re able to finally look down on the world.