Little girl outside on a summer day holding her head in her hands and screaming in frustration

Kids’ Manners and Artificial Intelligence

In my role as a blogger for Witlingo, I get to delve into the world of voice-first technology; smart speakers, apps (called skills) for smart speakers, and the AI voices for the big companies. Those include Siri, Bixby, Cortana, and others. And when I say delve, I mean concentrate as if someone has put me in control of a space shuttle without instruction!

splitscreen photos of Jane Fonda - on the left, a full body shot of her in a long, yellow gown. On the right, a close-up of her, smiling

Women Up

It occurred to me the other day that the entertainment industry is finally starting to treat women the way they treat men. On screen, at least. In specific instances. And it’s about frickin’ time.

Closeup of a microphone suspended over an on-air computer in a radio broadcast studio

Go Away & Get Paid

Until I started working for myself, I always worked for traditional companies with fat HR do-and-don’t binders and strict rules. Truth is, I kind of like rules. When parameters are set you know just how far you can push. The motto, “Beg forgiveness, don’t ask permission” works well in this environment, especially where creativity is involved.

hands of a judge who is reading a paper with a gavel in front of them

Robot Judge

Later this year, robo-judges will begin making rulings in Estonian small-claims courts. Robots will only be used in cases involving less than about $8,000. This is what clogged court systems have come to.

Huge red letters spelling LOVE on a city street

Our Values

One of the best parts about my new, freelancing life is that I can take a couple of minutes to expand my mind. Who’s going to tell me that I can’t watch a five-minute video or read a long-form article? My boss says it’s fine!