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Headline Afterthoughts

The pay-for-admissions scandal in the US dominated last week’s news. That is, until the horrific mass murder of 50 people at two mosques in New Zealand. If people should be safe anywhere, it’s in their houses of worship, but it just keeps happening. This time, streamed live online. It’s beyond tragic and I just want people to be safe from these twisted madmen.

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The Price of Life

I’m not a conspiracy theorist about a cure for cancer. I don’t believe the government or big pharma are keeping it from us to force us to feed the beast by buying expensive drugs. But I do believe that big pharma is mostly a disgusting greed machine that pumps out important innovations and then holds us hostage to the cost. I’ll give you an example.

Prescription bottle of pot spilled out onto a prescription pad

I Inhaled

The first time happened in high school. Susan Hopper smoked me up, as they say, under the bridge in Smithville. And then I had to go to a class. The teacher droned on and I couldn’t tell whether or not I was acting normal. I rarely smoked it after that, and never at school.  …

Where Few Have Traveled

I’m starting the week with a post that’s part fan-letter, part information-sharing via my former colleague, Avery Haines. We were coworkers at CKFM/MIX/CFRB roughly a century ago. We saw David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce perform together! Now, she’s an investigative journalist with W5 and she’s just back from North Korea.  …

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My Limit of F***s

When Donald Trump made fun of sexual assault victim Christine Blasey-Ford, I knew I was close. When he walked up the steps of Air Force One with toilet-paper stuck to his shoe, and no one told him, my laughter created a little bit of room for more. But the confirmation of undoubtedly biased Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court nailed it. I’m out of f***s.  …

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Lost for Words

Until now, I haven’t written about the mass shooting on the Danforth, an area of Toronto with which I’m familiar, and love. My 40th birthday party, compliments of work colleagues at 680 News, was held at a wonderful Greek restaurant there called Pappas Grill. Greektown is a great area to meet friends for a drink on a patio or dinner.  …

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My Happiness

How do you achieve happiness? Is it a decision or a state of being that comes about due to circumstances? I used to believe the latter and now I think it’s the former. I can decide to be happy no matter what’s going on, although it’s more difficult at some times than others.   …

The More Things Change…

On this American Independence Day, there will be a lot of discussion about where America stands as a nation. It’s a nation divided. Opposing sides aren’t just bickering with each other, they’re refusing to acknowledge that each side has valid concerns and ideals. If it was a marriage, their poor communication and refusal to go to counselling would doom the relationship.