hands holding a gun to fire it

Lost for Words

Until now, I haven’t written about the mass shooting on the Danforth, an area of Toronto with which I’m familiar, and love. My 40th birthday party, compliments of work colleagues at 680 News, was held at a wonderful Greek restaurant there called Pappas Grill. Greektown is a great area to meet friends for a drink on a patio or dinner.  …

happy spelled out in wooden blocks

My Happiness

How do you achieve happiness? Is it a decision or a state of being that comes about due to circumstances? I used to believe the latter and now I think it’s the former. I can decide to be happy no matter what’s going on, although it’s more difficult at some times than others.   …

The More Things Change…

On this American Independence Day, there will be a lot of discussion about where America stands as a nation. It’s a nation divided. Opposing sides aren’t just bickering with each other, they’re refusing to acknowledge that each side has valid concerns and ideals. If it was a marriage, their poor communication and refusal to go to counselling would doom the relationship.

Bot and Sold

I suppose I should feel flattered. Scores of Twitter bots, those automated, pre-programmed fake accounts, started following me last week. I didn’t even realize it was part of a trend until London’s Medical Officer of Health tweeted about it. Then CTV London did a story about it, explaining that ‘prominent’ Londoners were being targeted by these sinister little twits. …

Ed Kelly standing in front of a microphone, wearing mirrored sunglasses, talking on the phone as he does one of his impressions

Master Impressionist

Thousands of broadcasters and actors in this country dream of making it in the US. Our friend Ed Kelly has been doing it for decades. The way I see it, his career is successful for three reasons.

  1. He’s versatile; from broadcasting to voice-over to acting to live stage performances including comedy, impressions and singing – he does it all.
  2. He’s mobile. He can go where the work is.
  3. He’s wickedly talented. Like, a one in ten-million kind of talent. And that might be selling him short.

Leftover Rant II

This is the second and last column I wrote for a magazine that had a change at the helm. You know what that’s like; the new person wants to make their own decisions and hire their own people. It’s all good. But why let a collection of carefully chosen sentences go to waste? And so I ranted:  …

Clean Getaway

Derek and I have been looking around to invest in a vacation retreat. Something modest to match our budget. A little place near water we can spruce up and customize. Our summer home when we’re ready to become snowbirds. We’re looking everywhere – from other provinces to other countries. Nothing is off the table. If you’ve explored the cottage areas of Ontario and you don’t have a million dollars to spend, you know how difficult it is to find something affordable close to home. …