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scattered cream-coloured cards with thank-you written in silver script

Thankful Thursday – On Being Grateful

Life is hard. Stuff happens that’s out of your control. People move, leave, die. You have to take your cat to the vet and not come back home with him. (Us, on Monday) But people also do amazing things for... Continue reading
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Vienna and Ryker very animated as she sits on an upholstered chair and he reaches over to tickle her

Thankful Thursday – Grandbabies

A great joy in my life is being a Grandma without ever having children. Wait, that didn’t come out right. It’s not that I am joyful that I didn’t have children. But I got grandkids anyway.  Continue reading
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Thankful Thursday – The Ultimate Garage Sale

It’s difficult to find an audience for your online wares. When people found Lisa’s Pieces, they liked our tables, lamps and found treasures, but translating that into sales wasn’t easy. We ended up with a lot of unsold stuff simply... Continue reading
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Thankful Thursday – Young Women Role Models

For every Kim Kardashian,who focuses on body image and striving for perfection, there’s a Pink, telling girls to be who they naturally are and how that’s plenty good enough.  Continue reading
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Thankful Thursday – A Life of Bounty

One of the great privileges of my career has been to meet so many people and hear their stories. It’s fun to meet the rich and famous, sure, but it’s the ordinary folks fighting various battles who have made the... Continue reading
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Thankful Thursday – My Oprah

It’s quite alright to come in second.  Continue reading
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Thankful Thursday – My Baby Brother

When we were kids, I’d look at my little brother and think, who is this alien life form? Why is he in our house? And is that why there is no cheese left?  Continue reading
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cover of the WKRP box set featuring the entire cast of the show

Thankful Thursday – Radio Days

Radio has given me a voice. It’s been loyal to me even when I wasn’t loyal to it. It’s forgiven me when I was a jerk (and there were times when I was a jerk!) and afforded me opportunities I... Continue reading
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Thankful Thursday – Meals on Wheels

Some of the simpler things in life aren’t so simple for many people. Having enough to eat. Being able to look after themselves. People struggle with these things every day. Last week I was asked to help deliver lunches with... Continue reading
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Thankful Thursday #1

This week, Throwback Thursday makes way for a Thankful Thursday.  Continue reading
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