Month: October 2012

Adding a Little Spice

We’ve been talking about getting a pet for a while.  Ever since Derek said the words “…if we ever get a dog…” while he was building a fence this summer, the door to getting a fur baby was kicked open, in my view.  And I’ve been tapping on that door ever since.  

Many Happy Returns

I like to have my Christmas shopping done before the craze starts for everyone else.  I realize you might hate me for this and I’m at peace with that!  

Keeping Abreast

Every year the breast cancer awareness people find a new way to draw attention to the cause.   

These Rules are Rich

The old saying used to be, cocaine is God’s way of telling you that you make too much money.  I think it’s time for an update on that.  Now the way you can tell is if you are a complete douchebag when you get your own private plane.  

The Myth of Mediated Divorce

This is a post I’ve wanted to write for a few years but I wanted it to come from a place of helpfulness.  That’s my goal.  I think that most people don’t understand this particular legal process and I have intimate knowledge of how it works.  I’d like to spread the word.

Holiday Time Forever

It’s not even Halloween and Costco and Canadian Tire etc. are stocking aisles with Christmas stuff.  It seems to happen earlier every year.  Well just imagine working at the Esso in Aylmer.  Why you ask?  

My Fan Dalton

I remember when this letter arrived at 680 News.  I was speechless.  I had announced on air that I was leaving and although the few times when I had met the Premier over the years he had always claimed to listen to us, this letter made it real.  

What I’ve Learned So Far

The Naked Truth has been out for about a month and a half.  In that time I’ve learned a lot about this new world of ebooks and how to navigate through it.  And I’m pleased to say that as a first-timer, I’m doing alright. 

Blue Box Etiquette

London has a big blue box problem.  People aren’t paying attention to what can and can’t be recycled and it’s costing our city $250,000 a year to mess with the mess they make. 

Animals are People Too

Two aspects of human life puzzle me: Killing purely for sport and eating any type of meat a person can get their hands on.  

Shop at Home

This weekend I’m going on a cross-border shopping excursion. I very rarely do this.  Sometimes when we pop over the border to visit with our good friend Eddie I make Derek stop at Target so I can get Downy Wrinkle Releaser (not sold in Canada) and stroll the aisles but that’s about it.  

Do We or Don’t We?

Unlike most radio newscasters these days I work alone.  Sometimes I bounce an idea off the morning host but decisions are mostly mine to make, right or wrong, win or lose. 

Sad End to 710

The radio station where I first uttered words over the air, not counting the on-campus station at Niagara College, is about to shut down by orders from the CRTC.