Month: October 2013

A Slightly Condescending Randt

Some things are so simple.  But for some people, they’re not simple enough.  Today’s randt was inspired by our Mayor’s desire to revisit the garbage pickup schedule because he’s tired of hearing from constituents who are “confused” and “frustrated” by the current rotation.  In the words of Jerry Seinfeld, “Who arrreeee these people?”  And I …

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Sibling Rivalry

This Throwback Thursday was originally posted on October 29, 2013. The email subject line read “Damn you!”

No Mean Fiat

In a little perk of the job, I had a 2014 Fiat 500 to drive all weekend and drive it, I did. There were no strings attached. If I wanted to talk about it I was free to tell the truth.  Frankly, I wouldn’t have taken the vehicle any other way. 

How Low Can They Go?

I’ve always found it frustrating that people don’t seem to care about city politics. Unless there’s a scandal, and London’s council has provided a lot of them this term, most people don’t pay attention to the level of government that has the most direct effect on their lives.  

Brandt’s Randt – It’s About The Optics

Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether something is right or wrong, it’s just how it looks. This week the Ontario Ombudsman ruled that London city council was in the wrong, though, when 7 of them met for lunch in a back room of a restaurant prior to a budget vote.

Furniture Refinishing 101

I recently inherited a beautiful deco, cherry-wood dresser from longtime pal Eddie who’s downsizing to a condo.  He also gave us a gorgeous marble-topped cabinet but that’s a story for another day. 

Loveliest Loo in London?

I’ve been around and I’ve gone around.  By that I mean I’ve relieved myself in some mighty nice restrooms in Las Vegas, England, France and elsewhere.  But I think I’ve found the nicest public loo in my own city.   

Brandt’s Randt – Pick and Pay, it’s About Time!

Let’s end this era of molly-coddling some businesses while leaving others to flail in the wind.  The federal government finally plans to get rid of bundling TV stations from cable or satellite providers and I think it’s long overdue. And so I randt.  

Facebook Fakery

You hear about these Facebook scams.  We talk about them on the air because we know they are happening but until last weekend, it had never happened to me.  I was the intended victim. 

Home for Thanksgiving

Dr. Tarek Loubani and John Greyson are home. They landed at Pearson airport last night. Talk about giving thanks – there’s no one more grateful for freedom than these men. 

An Ugly, Perfect Pillow

Every once in a while I forget I’m not supposed to lift anything heavy. After all, this not-lifting thing is only a couple of years old, since my whiplash injury in a car accident on Springbank Drive in February 2011. I’ve taken good care of it and recovered quite nicely.