Month: September 2014

Review: I Am Pilgrim

The plotlines and details from the debut novel by screenwriter Terry Hayes are going to stay with me for the rest of my life. And I hope it’s the start of a series featuring Pilgrim, the codename for a man who doesn’t exist, a reluctant but brilliant secret agent who is sent out to save …

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Hope, Fun and Food

A big, clean, sparkling kitchen with the latest appliances and plenty of room to work – who doesn’t want that? On Friday night we got to wander through several different but equally stunning working kitchens in the new GCW showroom and plant in St. Thomas. 

Smartphones for Dummies

Apple finally convinced me that it’s time to move on. My iPhone 4S is now obselete with the release of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, that came out on Friday. Bigger screen, thinner body, faster processor – blah, blah, blah. Thanks for the free U2 album, Apple, but I’m out of here as …

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Idea Thieves

Some people don’t see stealing the creativity of others as a big deal. I call those people idiots. 

Cookies for Breakfast!

You have until Sunday to buy a Smile Cookie at Tim Hortons and help fund children’s health charities in your area. Your Smile Cookie dollars stay in the community where they’re spent and you can even order the treats by the dozen for your office or for home. I’m told they freeze well.  And at …

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A Fair Time

My love for fall fairs is well documented on these pages. As long as I can eat something on a stick, pet a goat or a bunny and see something I’ve never seen before, I’m happy. 

Yesterday Was What Day?

**This blog post originally appeared on the Blackburn News website: Sepsis. It doesn’t have a wristband or a colour of its own. There are no runs or telethons for it. And yet statistically it’s deadlier than heart disease, stroke and many other well-known illnesses. Every 3-4 seconds someone in the world dies from sepsis. And …

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Conspiracy Theories

It’s certainly possible that Elvis is alive, JFK was shot by his own government, the moon landing was recorded on a soundstage and the twin towers were brought down by the US administration. Anything is possible. But I don’t believe that any of those things happened. 

The Cult of Apple

The world stopped turning on Tuesday as Apple unveiled its new gizmos. Then U2 came out and performed, proving it’s no longer what rock and roll is all about. 

Success Explained

There are social media members who do nothing but post and repost happy little sayings about staying positive and chasing success.  It can be a full-time job to weed through it all but eventually, you figure out who is a good curator and shares only things worth sharing. 

Review: Crazy Town, The Rob Ford Story

I hadn’t planned to read Robyn Doolittle’s book about the Mayor of Toronto unless I borrowed it or got it for free. However, I encountered an unread hardcover at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and figured .50 wasn’t too far off the mark. 

Voicing My Concerns

As I’ve mentioned before, I audition like a maniac for all sorts of voice gigs. And I only win a fraction of them but I consistently get a fraction and I’m told that makes me successful!  

So Long Joanie

How lucky was Joan Rivers to live so long that there are generations of people who have no idea of the influence she had over entertainment. One day at work, a long time ago, a much younger colleague called her “a joke”. It wasn’t meant as a compliment.  To him, Rivers was just a raspy …

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Prime Minister Trudeau

Failing some sort of unforeseen and major gaffe, Justin Trudeau will become Prime Minister of this country. I believe it and there’s a lot of evidence to back up the prediction that he’s on his way to the top job. 

We Don’t Call Him Mister

I don’t use my media platforms to take public revenge out on companies that give us less than stellar service. I try to settle things the old fashioned way, with communication and negotiation. But there comes a time when explaining an unresolved issue becomes a public service and we’ve reached that point with our sewer …

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