Month: November 2014

I Believe…

Why can’t we all just get along? We could if we followed the rules in this meme. Happy Friday! 

Sacred Cows Get Slaughtered

There’s a lot of interesting reading in so-called non-mainstream newspapers. London has a couple. They’re not beholden to advertisers or any perception of what is universally good or bad. They are free to opine about whatever catches their fancy. One of these is the London Yodeller. 

The Money in the Music

Garth Brooks wants off YouTube. Taylor Swift took her music off Spotify. And U2 gave away its new album, all within a span of a few weeks.

Bye Bye Mo

There’s no faking that I know a lot about the inner workings of pro sports. I’ve worked with enough sports nuts to pick up a thing here and there but it’s not a realm that interests me enough to study.  

Radio is Dying. Again.

I’ve witnessed, and somehow survived, decades of changes in broadcasting. The industry expands and contracts. A wave of managerial retirements (if they’re lucky) comes along and the next generation does things differently. Like I said, I’ve seen it before. 

A Win for Chocoholics

Months ago it was announced that payouts would begin in a class action lawsuit over collusion and price-fixing by the big chocolate companies. They admitted to conspiring to artificially boost the prices of their goods. I know, right? Arseholes. 

Timing is Everything

A few weeks ago, feeling burned out by long hours and other commitments, hubby suggested we book a long weekend away. We considered everything from New York City to Haliburton before settling on Niagara Falls. Who knew we’d need to get away even more by the time the weekend arrived?

My Left Foot

If injury photos make you queasy, if you don’t like feet or if you can’t handle the look of a woman’s heel in dire need of a pedicure, please surf away from this website!  

House Proud: Simply Put, Painting is Hard Work

Over many years and several houses, I’ve painted dozens of rooms and a hundred pieces of furniture. It drove my husband crazy when I wouldn’t properly prepare the space for inevitable splatters and spills. And then there’s cleanup, which is even worse than getting ready. There’s no putting lipstick on this pig. Painting stinks and …

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A Smaller Big Show

Radio is a business that eats its young. If you don’t know that going into it, you learn it along the way.  It throws out good people on whims. You have to expect to one day get fired for no reason, or you’re just not being realistic. But some of us still love it despite …

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We Remember

Poppy sales and donations are up this year and it’s not hard to figure out why. The murders of Cpl. Cirillo and Warrant Officer Vincent put faces, families and tangible heartache on the vague, “people who serve our country”. 

When Should the Fat Lady Sing?

As you likely heard, AC/DC’s drummer, Phil Rudd, was arrested on serious charges this week, including attempting to hire a hit man. This morning that charge was dropped, but he’s still accused of threatening death and some drug offences. Chances are, unless the charges are thrown out he won’t be going on any world tour …

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Harassment at Work

The province’s politicians got into a debate at the legislature about whether government is doing enough to stop harassment, specifically sexual harassment, in the workplace. Harassment in some form or another has been present at virtually every radio job I’ve had and it doesn’t matter whether or not the target is you, the fact that …

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Tasting Tomorrow

When I moved out on my own, I asked my Grandma to send me some of her favourite recipes. I still have the cards, with ingredients and instructions in blue ink, in her identifiable scrawl, detailing things that, sadly, I will never make. Spiced tomato relish. Sweet pickles. Dishes I identify with her but don’t …

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