Month: September 2015

Email Woes

A few years ago, Rogers lost my email. It was infuriating. It simply didn’t exist for more than two weeks and no one seemed upset about it except me. I even contacted my former (distant) Rogers colleague, now Mayor of Toronto John Tory, and begged him to get in touch with a higher-up at Rogers …

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Upcoming European Adventure

We’re going to Iceland! I’m as surprised as you are. It’s not a destination I’ve ever considered, and yet, there I was, booking the trip for next February. 

So, How Will You Vote?

I’ll never tell you who I vote for and I’ll never ask you that question. But this excruciatingly long federal election campaign will come to an end before we know it and it will be time to make a choice.


It’s time we spent more time talking about people who are doing good in the world, don’t you agree? Hank Fortener is one of them. 

Pasta Revolution

Apparently, Martha Stewart turned pasta on its noodle a couple of years ago but I missed it. Thanks to a food blogger’s recent Twitter post, I’ve learned the recipe and I’m sharing it here in case you missed it too. 


Months ago, my sister-in-law Carolyn shared a post on my Facebook page about a Pinterest project. Someone had taken an old, wooden dresser and turned it into a bench. Carolyn had an old dresser that had been in the family for decades. It used to belong to our husbands’ maternal Grandma and it had seen …

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As we entered the animal area of the Western Fair, I noticed a big sign for The Egg Marketing Board and a friendly-looking couple manning the booth. I had questions and they had answers. 

Comfort Level

My radio cohost Mike has a theory. He believes that everyone gets to a point in life where they decide whether they will be a consumer or a minimalist. They either start accumulating things like toys and stuff or eschew those things. I guess I fall into the minimalist category. 

For the Birds

If I had a dime for every time I rolled my eyes when my Mom talked about her beloved Purple Martins, I might be able to knock a few working years off this life and retire early.  

More Than Fair

In recent years, The Western Fair has been a little tired. We always go, but it just hasn’t had the zip and zest of years past. The first thing you’d see when you walked through the gates were hot tubs and bedsheet vendors. The midway was small and the rides pretty run-of-the-mill. I don’t even …

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World Sepsis Day

As you may know, I’m one of Canada’s advocates for spreading the word about sepsis. As a survivor of it, I’ve gotten to know the major organizations fighting to get the illness recognized by world health bodies, and to have World Sepsis Day, September 13, endorsed as an official day to alert even more people …

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Restaurant Gizmo

This was new to us. Some restaurants have iPads at the table now, where you can place your order and it goes directly to the kitchen. But where we had dinner on Saturday night in Port Huron, MI, there’s a little screen at each table for the express purpose of paying for your meal.