Month: November 2015

March of Dimes

Science is my guiding force in this life. I’m not likely to believe in things I can’t see and although I don’t pooh-pooh anyone else’s philosophies of life, I have a healthy skepticism for them. Live and let live, I say. So imagine my surprise when I found out that I’d been experiencing a paranormal …

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Randy Carly

“Well, you had me several years ago, when I was still quite naïve.” Those words, and the other lyrics in Carly Simon’s classic, You’re So Vain. have been the subject of so much speculation over the years. Now we know the identity of one of the mystery men with a bloated ego she skewers in …

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Hello Yeti Blue

Today, another little peek behind the scenes of a voice-over business. Mine, of course. E-learning continues to be my top genre, followed by corporate videos, characters and then good old-fashioned commercial reads. 

No Cure for Stupid

Did you hear about the provincial candidate in Newfoundland and Labrador who made some foolish comments and had to drop out of the race? Progressive Conservative Tina Olivero apparently thinks some people with cancer can cure themselves with self-awareness.

Old Game, New Players

A pal who was downsized from her radio job is looking for work. She’s casting a wide net, because broadcasting is getting smaller all the time. So wasn’t she surprised to get a job offer via email, having never interviewed for the position. 

An Ode to Mornings

Before he became our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau was asked in an interview what kind of coffee he liked to drink. “I don’t drink coffee, actually”, he responded. “I learned that it was addictive and didn’t want anything to have a hold over me.”  

Kitty News

We’ve been a two-cat household for more than a month now and things have settled into a routine. Our new adoptee Sugar, or Miss Sugar, is a delight. Spice is making sure she knows she’s #2 and he’s #1. There have been some incidents of hissing and chasing but no actual fights. They even get …

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Power Imbalance

The medical specialist I’ve known for more than two decades, who performed three surgeries on me over the years, is under review by the College of Physicians and Surgeons. His right to practise is at stake. A journalist friend who has worked for some of the biggest publications in the country is routinely forced to defend …

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What can someone halfway around the world do about a senseless mass murder overseas? Nothing, really. And that’s what’s so damn frustrating. 

$19, 020

The title of this post is how much an Oregon woman is owed, in my opinion, after a slot machine malfunctioned and she thought she had won $8.5-million. 

Throwback Thursday

I’ve never been a big sports nut. I’ll jump on a bandwagon or absorb the important aspects of a sport my spouse is into but given my druthers, I’d watch a movie instead. 

Power’s War

It turns out that one of my fortes in voice-work is e-learning. Virtually every day for the past six weeks or so, I’ve been working on online or video-learning projects for a few different clients. My voice is teaching everything from how not to sexually harass your colleagues, to how to navigate a complicated sales …

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I was living in Burlington when a story came out about the toxicity of a chemical used in hair dye. A study showed that whatever it was, was leaching into the scalp and possibly causing harm. Grey-haired women of a certain age let out a silent scream and ran to health food stores, looking for natural …

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Give The Lady a Name

Put aside any partisan feelings for a moment. Forget about the long-form census and the deficit and foreign policy and all of those other things that everyone’s opinions differ on and tell me: wasn’t it cool that the new Prime Minister walked up to Rideau Hall with his new cabinet, openly and happily, shaking hands …

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