Month: July 2016

Review: Who Ya Gonna Call?

The Ghostbusters reboot has been lauded, criticized, praised and hated since the contract to make it was first signed several years ago. When the trailer was released, it was widely panned by fans who were horrified by it. Now it’s here and it’s a hit. We saw it on Sunday night, in VIP 3D no less! 

Proud of Pride

In an effort to move our radio station away from the “angry old white man” perception of talk radio, we became one of the major sponsors of Pride London, which ended yesterday with the annual parade.

Auntie B

This week, Derek’s beloved Auntie Barb died just four months shy of her 96th birthday. She was Derek’s Dad’s older sister who worked for 40 years at BMO and looked after her Mother, Derek’s Gram.  She lived as a single lady, although she had many friends and suitors. 

Me, My Boss and I

What I know about the workings of a website, you could put on the head of a pin and still have room left over for the lyrics to all of Tom Petty’s songs. 

A Tenor Hits a Foul Note

You don’t mess with a national anthem – ever. That’s what someone wise said in the wake of the rogue Tenor changing the lyrics to Canada’s anthem at MLB’s All-Star game earlier this week.  

To Tell the Tooth

It’s been more than a year since I lost a tooth. It was always a troublesome one. When it needed a small filling, it turned grey. So I got a veneer on it, which lasted several years until I swallowed it while eating a caramel apple at the Western Fair. Then one day while driving …

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Nudism-Naturism Revisited

Nudism versus naturism; they’re two very different things, although to the untrained eye, they’re both collections of naked people. My eBook, The Naked Truth, chronicled my summer as an employee of a nudist resort. My visit late last month to Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park was a different experience.