Month: March 2017

Throwback Thursday – The Hockey Series in the Shadow

All Canadians know about the 1972 Canada-Russia hockey series in which the NHL proved its supremacy via Paul Henderson’s last minute goal. In 1974, the upstart WHA took on the Russians with a different outcome. The World Hockey Association was attempting to prove it was as good as the National Hockey League and better than the Russians. It had some of the great players but it didn’t have the preparation time that the NHL had enjoyed two years earlier.

Analyzing RAM: Rampant Apostrophe Misuse

You may already be aware that the misuse of the apostrophe is my Achilles heel. Finally, I’ve come to a point where I can refrain from commenting on social media when my friends commit crimes against punctuation but it’s still a free-for-all if it’s out in the public domain for all to see. Banks, retailers, major food chains and publishers – you’ve been warned! I can’t help myself. I’m always on the alert for RAM.

Voting for Voice-Work

The City of London is considering adopting a different method of voting for the municipal election next year. Instead of first-past-the-post, they’re looking at ranked choice ballots. You rank your first, second and third choices instead of choosing just one and the ones with the fewest votes are eliminated, until a clear winner emerges. …

Throwback Thursday – Great Relatives

Oh, the treasures I’ve found while going through my grandparents’ stuff that was tucked away for more than three decades. They kept every wedding invitation they ever received, letters from the 1920s and 30s and so much more that must have seemed important at the time. But there were a couple of photos that had me vexed. I had to get in touch with second and third cousins in order to find someone who knew who was in them.  …

Be Bold For Change

The title of today’s post is the theme for this day, International Women’s Day 2017. Sometimes special, designated days like this one seem to miss their connection to the common person, in this case, women. It feels as if we’re being asked to make a giant personal sacrifice, start a movement, take up arms – figuratively – while we’re busy living our lives and doing our best. For every Norma Rae, there are thousands of other women who recognized that Norma was onto something when she pushed for a union to get better wages and working conditions in their sweatshop of a textile plant. Their actions mattered too. Sometimes it’s the little things like setting a good example, that best exemplify who we are as women.  …